What Men Find Attractive in Women

What Men Find Attractive in Women
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What Men Find Attractive in Women

If you are a girl and you are reading this, then you must know how irritating it can be when you do not know whether a guy likes you or not. Also, what do you do in case he does not like you?

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Some men are cryptic creatures; they do not reveal their feelings quickly. Sometimes, they will never let you know how they feel about you. They tease you, laugh at you, make fun of you, and flirt with you all at the same time.

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We are pretty sure that every girl has that man in her life who teases her mercilessly and constantly flirts with her. Your friends tell you that he has a crush on you, but you are too shy to investigate.

So how do you know if he finds you attractive? Fortunately, you will have all your questions answered here in this article. We will tell you about what men really find attractive about women, things that can drive men crazy.


Men like women who laugh at their jokes. According to several surveys, men confirmed that they liked a girl more if she laughed at their jokes. To them, it showed that the woman they are talking to is actually listening to them, and is finding their jokes hilarious.

So, ladies, when it comes to laughing, do not hold back. Some women keep their lips sealed when their date tells them a joke.  Some women think it is graceful; however, their date probably thinks that they are being rude.

Honesty is the best policy

An honest woman attracts a man faster than a dishonest one. Recently, a survey on a social media giant of 1000+ men revealed that most of them prefer it when a girl is honest with them. Men do not like it if you lie or hide things from them. Honesty is a quality that men find attractive in women.

The color red

A woman wearing a red-colored dress or T-shirt attracts a man faster than any other woman. So, if you are looking to attract a guy at college or work, wear red.

Mirror actions

Men love it when a woman subtly mirrors their actions. For instance, if a guy touches his hair, wait for a few seconds and subtly touch your hair as well. If he takes a sip from his drink, do the same. Do not make them think that you are copying them, and stay as casual as you can be.

Girl squad

Yes, you read that right. Men actually are attracted to women who walk in groups. This is because they feel it is easier to talk to them. Also, a group of girls attracts more eyes than a lone woman crossing a street or ordering a latte.

Kind women

Men at a British university, in one study, said that they preferred girls who had positive personality traits such as kindness, assertiveness, and openness. Other than body size and facial features, men are attracted to women who talk kindly to other people or kids.

Woman who are gentle in nature, and who care about friends and family, attract men. Women who talk in loud tones, and use foul language while describing someone, drive men away.


If you are adventurous, you will notice that men are attracted to you. Women who are lazy and idle do not attract men, while women who like adventures such as hiking, camping, cycling, etc., get a lot of attention from men.

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Confident women who walk with pride and take challenges without batting an eyelash attract men the most.  Men call it one of the sexiest traits of women. The way a girl carries herself around a man counts a lot. Also, the way she walks up to them and talks plays a huge part in attracting them.

High heels and curves

High heels make your legs look more attractive and long. When you walk past a man in high heels, he will not be able to stop his eyes from looking at your face. Also, the right curves in the right places will attract a guy like nothing else.

Wear good-fitting (not too loose and not too tight) clothes to accentuate your curves, and in no time, you will notice that you are getting more attention than you usually get.

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