10 Signs A Man Wants To Be With You But Has A Girlfriend

Is there a cute guy in your social circle that’s been looking at you for a while? If he’s got a girlfriend, how can you really be sure? This can drive you nuts, and it’s not usually a good idea to flat out ask him if he digs you. Instead, figure it out for yourself using these 10 signs a man wants to be with you but has a girlfriend.

Signs A Man Wants To Be With You But Has A Girlfriend

signs a man wants to be with you but has a girlfriend

1. Lots of eye contact

An eye contact is important in relationships. Not only will he talk to you quite a bit, but he’ll look you in the eyes constantly. If his gaze drifts to your eyes all the time, then he probably likes you, girlfriend or not.

2. He never says ‘I Love You’ to her

Sure, he might do it, just not around you. Some couples don’t get all mushy around others, but if you spend lots of time around that couple and he never says it once to her, then maybe it’s because he’s fallen for someone else.

3. He wants your opinions

Men don’t typically want the opinions of others, especially women. The exception is girlfriends, fianc├ęs, and wives, because men care about their thoughts. If he wants your opinions on matters but you’re not on that list, he probably wants you to be.

4. His girlfriend wonders about his relationship with you

If she approaches you, then you know his feelings are the real deal. When she asks what business you have with him, whether or not you like him, or why you get so much of his attention, they’re all dead giveaways.

5. He is always complimenting you

Constant praise is one way men make their feelings for men clear. The first time or two might be innocent enough, but if it keeps happening all the time, you’ve got part of his heart.

6. He avoids his girl for time with you

Anytime he does this, he’s actually choosing you over her, even if it’s for an hour instead of the whole relationship. When it gets to the point that he lies to her to hang with you, then things are truly serious.

7. He stops social distancing with you

Social distancing was a thing before the pandemic for many men with girlfriends in their lives. They just didn’t get too close to other women. However, if he happens to brush by you physically on occasion, he’s not doing that anymore.

8. He’s distracted when she’s around

If you happen to be at a party he and his woman are at, but you see him keep looking around, then it might be because he’s thinking of you. He might be keeping his body close to her, but his mind is somewhere else.

9. He invites you to those parties

Maybe he’s inviting a lot of people over, but if his girl is there and he still wants you around, then it’s a sign he can spend time with you by ‘accident’.

10. He never mentions her

Guys boast about their women every chance they get. Another reason men talk about their women is because it’s a great way of marking her/their territory and letting others know he’s taken. If that doesn’t happen when you’re around, then you’re not someone he wants backing off.

What If A Married Man Has Fallen For You?

signs a married man wants to be with you

Married men can be harder to read, simply because they’re married. A man with a girlfriend can easily break up with her and move on to something better or just better-suited to him. Here are 6 obvious signs a married man with a wife might have feelings for you:

1. He enjoys talking to you

Politics. Love. Work. Sports even. It doesn’t matter. He’ll talk anything with you if he’s in love with you.

2. He keeps up with your love life

Jealousy can come into play if he’s off the market but you’re not. If he’s trying to keep up with your availability, then it’s a surefire clue he wishes he were a potential suitor for you. When he starts badmouthing your current boyfriend or partner, then you know he’s hooked on you.

3. He behaves perfectly around you

There are two reasons married men do this around women they’re into. First, they want to impress you. Second, they want to show they’re not just another boring married man.

4. He always stays in touch

When you only hear from a man who wants some attention or hanky-panky, you’re not nearly as important to them as those who actually want to know how your day went…every day!

5. He leaps at any chance to help you out

Men pride themselves in being problem solvers and being able to provide for those they care about. You might not like the interference sometimes, but it’s usually sweet and sometimes actually pretty useful.

6. He highlights what you have in common

Maybe he once had a lot in common with his wife, but they drifted apart after or during the marriage. He wants someone he has common ground and similarities with, and if he sees them between the two of you, he’ll point that out as often as he can. It’s his way of dreaming of being with you, but it also might be his way of trying to draw you closer.

What To Do?

If you enjoy the flirting as it is, run with it. There’s nothing wrong with just enjoying feeling wanted.

However, if you get uncomfortable with it, figure out why? Is it because you want him? Or is it because you don’t want to be the reason a relationship breaks up?

The time may come you have to make a decision. Maybe you need to back off. Maybe you need to confront him. Maybe you need to give the girlfriend or wife a heads up.

Each decision can have serious consequences, and it’s a lot easier to bust up his relationship than it is to wind up in his arms when the dust settles. Know what you want, go for it, but be careful.

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