What Colors Attract Men’s Attention The Most?

What colors attract men’s attention the most? The strongest choice you can make is the color red, although several other colors can be useful.

Red is the dominant color for most women looking to get the attention of men, but it doesn’t always work out the best for everyone. Other colors to consider include pinks, blues, greens, and black.

Keep reading to find out more about each of these colors, why they work, and most importantly, how you can use them if you’re looking to get more attention from men in your life.

What Colors Attract Men’s Attention

what colors attract men's attention

1. Red

This color is long known as a color of passion and romance. It’s historically intriguing to strong men who relish the thought of a challenge. In fact, timid men are thought to refrain from dealing with women who wear the color red, as they might come across as intimidating.

Red’s power is a double-edged sword. While it’s the most potent color you can try to capture the attention of men, it can also be overpowering. It might even highlight and skin imperfections you have.

Still, there’s no need for you to shy away from all reds the same way some men do. The color does seem to trigger primal responses in many men. This isn’t even an assumption, as research has dived into it and confirmed multiple findings about women wearing red.

Men tend to find the color red of a status signal indicating fertility, vigor, and health. A 2008 study conducted by a New York psychologist ran a hypothetical scenario of men looking for women, assuming the men had $100 in their wallets.

When men saw women wearing red clothing or outfits, the men reported they would be willing to spend all their money on a date with that woman.

Other findings in the same research indicated that the men:

  • Found the women far sexier, even if shown the same women in non-red colors
  • Would spend more money on women dressed in red
  • Would be more interested in sex with women wearing red

Use Red:

Garments are sometimes the simplest way to get a red vibe going, but not the only way. Red lipsticks or fingernails can still have a subtle impact that might not be so overpowering. Also, depending on your willingness and comparable skin complexion, dying your hair read can drive some men up the walls and into your arms. Or at least your little black book.

2. Pink

Much of society considers pink to be a feminine color, and this holds true in multiple pieces of research focusing on the color that attracts the attention of men. In some studies, it actually ranks first! It’s a very close second behind red in many others.

Pink can be a great first choice if you find red too much or just something you can use. Anecdotal evidence from many women suggests that they get more drinks bought for them when they wear pink than other colors.

Use Pink:

If you personally have cool coloring, give pink a try. On the other hand, if you have instead warm coloring, coral or peach shades might work better for you.

3. Blue

Statistically speaking, blue is the most popular single color across the globe, for both men and women. It signals trust, strength, and business. Both genders respond to it.

Use Blue:

Blue works out great in two different sets of circumstances. First of all, it’s a great color to use for professional attire so you can be attractive to men while still being dressed right for work. Second, if you can match blue colors to your blue eyes, you can sit in a bar like nectar in a flower and watch everyone buzz towards you on their own.

4. Green

Depending on the shade of green you choose, you can float along a spectrum that ranges from being business-like to flirty and fun. Forest and emerald work out with other dark greens for a professional vibe, while chartreuse, lime, and other light greens are lighter in spirit.

Use Green:

Warm skin tones work better off with the more yellow-based shades of green. Cool coloring works better with blue-based darker greens.

5. Black

Want to be the madame of mystery to a man? Wear black. This color is worn both by priests and rebels without a cause. Always in style, it can do wonders for you.

Use Black:

Blacks and dark grays are good choices for cool undertones, whereas dark brown is more effective for warm undertones. Black jeans can harness the power of the color without being overpowering, but a black leather jacket can make a pronounced statement. Pair a black jacket with a light-colored blouse to draw attention to certain physical attributes, if you want to really pack a punch.

Honorable mentions

Gold is a color that projects a sense of warmth that many men admire, although it doesn’t drive them all wild. Women with warm undertones can use this color better than others.

Silver is synonymous with elegance. Women with cool undertones or ‘cool’ blondes might be able to use this as a subtle but serious way to stand out in a crowd.

Colors To Avoid

Colors To Avoid

As much as research has discovered great colors and situational shades that attract the attention of men, they’ve also identified specific colors that don’t really work.

These include turquoise, lavender, and purple. Many consider these three colors as ranging from girly to feminine, and yet they don’t illicit many strong responses. You can certainly experiment with them if you’re still looking for a winner but do so sparingly.

When To Wear What

When you wear a color has some influence on how effective it might be. Professional attire should lean towards reds, dark greens, blues, and blacks. On the other hand, you can get more ‘girly’ in the evenings and weekends.

Also, always take note of the backgrounds of physical environments where you might be wearing your man-grabbing attire or where you might be dating. How you stand out against the background atmosphere can make or break your look, regardless of the colors.

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