Do Men Love Confident Women? Here’s The Truth

Attraction can be a very tricky thing. It’s not always as easy as it seems to pinpoint what makes someone attracted to someone else. There are a lot of intangible things that can influence attraction. One of these things is confidence. In this article, we will be answering the question, “do men love confident women?” and how you can adjust your dating strategies to attract these men accordingly.

Do Men Love Confident Women?

do men love confident women

Spoiler Alert: They do. Many men find confident women irresistible. No one wants a partner who is constantly putting herself down. No one wants a partner who sits there and agrees with everything they say.

Top Reasons Men Love Confident Women

1. They are secure

One of the main things that can turn a man who is physically attracted to you away would be insecurities. Men want a woman who is secure in themselves. They want to know the woman they are with is secure enough to be themselves.

If you establish that you are secure enough not only in yourself but also in what you bring to the table, you will find men irresistibly attracted to you.

2. They are assertive

Men enjoy women who go after what they want. Confidence comes with assertiveness. Without confidence, you won’t be as assertive. Assertiveness is the quality of being confident without being overly aggressive.

A lot of women who display high-levels of confidence are often misportrayed as being undesirable. The truth is, they want a woman who is assertive rather than passive.

3. They are go-getters

Men love women who are go-getters and who have the confidence to go after things they want in life. Whether it’s the man they want or the career they want, confident women get after it.

Men will always be attracted to a woman who has the willingness to go after the things they want in life because it shows their desire for success and to be happy. No one wants someone content with being complacent.

4. They have independence

While some men do love to be ‘needed,’ the majority of men don’t want someone who is essentially a dependent. Rather, they want someone who will be a life partner. That is someone willing and able to stand on their own.

Men love confident women because they are choosing to be with them. Whereas, a woman that lacks confidence may stay with a guy because she needs him. A man wants to be chosen.

5. She’s courageous

A woman that doesn’t have confidence is someone who lacks courage. The ability to be courageous stems from being confident enough to take leaps of faith. Without confidence, you will find yourself maintaining complacency. Men want a woman who is willing and able to step outside of their comfort zone.

6. She’s positive

Virtually no one wants to be around negative people in life. After all, they are constantly spewing negative things and letting off negative energy.

Rather, they want to surround themselves with people who bring light and who are optimistic about things, and who have a positive outlook. That is exactly what you get with a confident woman. She will not only believe in herself but she will be there to lift her man when he is down.

7. She knows her value

One of the biggest turnoffs for a lot of guys is finding a woman who doesn’t know her value. Confidence is all about knowing your value.

Knowing what you bring to a relationship and knowing that you are worth more than you think. A man wants a woman who knows her self-worth and who knows that she deserves everything she wants.

How To Attract Men Who Want Confident Women

How To Attract Men Who Want Confident Women

1. Online dating

Believe it or not, but you can do a lot of filtering with online dating. When you are meeting the old-fashioned way, you pretty much have to hope you find the right person.

When you begin your love search online, you will be able to optimize your search to find the type of man you want. You can use profiles and short mini-conversations as a way to identify men who would appreciate your confidence.

2. Ask men out

This is a big one if you want to find someone who is attracted to your confidence. Not many women ask guys out. Instead of waiting for the guy you want to date to ask you out, approach him instead.

That way, you find a guy who loves your assertiveness and your confidence. A guy who is very attracted to confident women will love that you took the plunge to ask them out.

3. Talk more

If you are someone who would normally shy away from being yourself during the first date or upon first meeting someone, don’t do it. Instead, you want to be yourself from the very start.

That way, you will be able to see whether or not the guy appreciates your confidence and assertiveness. Be willing to talk more and share your own opinions about things that matter to you from the onset.

4. Flirt more

Men adore women who are confident enough to go out and flirt. If you are looking to attract guys who are attracted to your confidence, get out, and flirt. They will be instantly attracted to you if you are doing something that most women aren’t doing.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, men do love a confident woman. While there is a select group of men that may be turned off by this, the majority of men want a woman who is confident and self-driven. They want a woman who knows her self-worth and one who is willing to go after what she wants.

If you are looking to attract a man who is into this, you will want to integrate some of the strategies above into your dating life. By doing so, you should be able to attract the man of your dreams in no time.

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