How To Let A Man Lead The Relationship?

Honestly, if you’ve made it this far in life and dating, you would be forgiven for thinking that actually, men are a little bit rubbish…

If this all gets a bit old and stale, you might want to read about how to let a man lead the relationship. After all, it would be nice to be swept off your feet once in a while, right? Let’s have a look at ways you can gently encourage him to do this!

How To Let A Man Lead The Relationship?

how to let a man lead the relationship

If you fancy not being the one who takes the lead in every single situation, how on earth do you get your man to take the lead? We have a few ideas…

  • Respond to him. We’re not just talking replying to his texts, but respond to HIM. Go back to the basics – make eye contact,smile and laugh, flirt with him. These things will all encourage him to strap on his Big Boy Pants and make the first move.
  • Give him positive affirmation. I know this sounds a little like dog training, but letting him know when he’s done a good job will encourage this behavior in the future.
  • Respect him. Assuming he respects you, this is a given in any relationship, and an action that will encourage him to feel confident taking the lead in the future.
  • Hold him accountable. If he does something you don’t like, don’t be afraid to let him know – gently. He will be sure to act better the next time!
  • Offer him trust. It is easy to slip back into the role of being in charge of everything – but if you allow him free rein, he might just reward you by becoming more proactive.

Why Should A Man Lead The Relationship?

In the 21st century, there is no need to let the man lead the relationship. You have your own mind, you can make your own choices, and you are in control of your own life!

However… Sometimes, just sometimes, isn’t it nice when a man take charge? Wouldn’t you like it if he decided on the date for once, or picked out the restaurant?

In terms of evolution, men are the hunters, the house builders, the ones who decide when the tribe moves on to different lands.

Women are the home makers, the baby bearers, the cookers of delicious, nutritious food.

Ok, nowadays – thank god – we have complete choice to live exactly how we like, and we have moved past the days where women were considered the inferior species.

But just sometimes, isn’t it nice to feel looked after by a strong, alpha male? It’s pleasant to feel protected, and as though you don’t always have to be the one making the decisions!

Seeing your man as confident and able to make decisions will increase your respect for him, and respect is vitally important in any relationship.

How Do You Turn The Tables And Make Him Chase You?

  • Don’t give it all away. We’re not saying you should lie about your life, but keep a few things back – don’t tell him your entire life story on the first date!
  • Mystery is alluring. Make sure you don’t instantly fling your lot in with his; give yourself a few parts of your life that you don’t necessarily have to share.
  • Confidence is key. Being strong and sure of yourself is one guarantee to get him chasing after you! If you don’t feel it, fake it.
  • There is nothing wrong with flirting, and a lot right! It’s playful and fun, and can deepen a connection between a couple – even one that has been together for a long time.
  • Don’t be too needy. You’re allowed to long for texts, emails and meet ups – but don’t hassle him for contact. You’ll find that he will be the one doing so, if you give him space to miss you.
  • Keep yourself busy. Don’t turn him down for too many dates, but making it clear that you have your own life which is important to you will add to your attraction.
  • Decide whether he is right for you. Yes, he’s gorgeous and all that, but is he REALLY the best catch in the pond? If he really is, then he will want to chase you – and you will want to be caught!

How Do You Not Chase A Man?

How Do You Not Chase A Man

This is an easy one. You don’t chase him, because you don’t NEED to chase him. You don’t need him, he needs you.

You, as a woman, are exactly what you need to be, right? You are fine on your own, aren’t you? Yes, it’s nice to have a partner – but if said partner is useless, then you’re on your own anyway!

Men love to feel needed, wanted, and completely invaluable. This is why they often seem so egotistical if they are not feeling those things.

The best thing you can do to encourage a man to pursue you instead of the other way around is to just… Be yourself.

  • Be independent. This is very important, even if you are doing it in order to not chase a man! This is 2022, we’re all strong, independent women, right?
  • Be confident. You know you’ve got it. You know you look great. You know you’re an awesome person and anyone would be lucky to be with you. So make this shine out from the inside! You deserve the best.
  • Be happy. I’m not suggesting you fake it, I’m saying that you should do what makes you happy – if you do this, the rest of life will just fall into place!
  • Be sassy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing out your inner diva every once in a while. After all, you’re a goddess, aren’t you?
  • Be honest. Perhaps the most important point on this list is honesty – total, true, authenticity. Never hide who you are, never be ashamed of it, and never let anyone else make you feel like you should be someone else.

Final Words

However hard you may find it to release the reins in a relationship, these things are actually meant to be a two way street.

Let him take charge for a bit, and lead the relationship the way he wants to. If it turns out it’s not working for you, then at least you already know how to make it work your way!

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