Why Is My Ex Hiding His New Relationship?

Some people, when they break up, sever all contact and never see their ex again, while some stay friends. Either way is fine; whatever works for you!

If you have stayed in contact with your previous partner, and you are wondering “Why is my ex hiding his new relationship”, you are not alone.

Why on earth is he hiding it? Doesn’t he realize that you always knew everything that was going on anyway? What are the reasons behind this strange behavior? Let’s find out.

Why Is My Ex Hiding His New Relationship?

Why Is My Ex Hiding His New Relationship

There may be many reasons why your ex is hiding his new relationship – and no, they aren’t necessarily because she’s hideous, or he wants to get back with you!

  • He’s trying to spare your feelings. He might be aware that you weren’t too happy about the breakup, so not flaunting his new flame is actually a kind move.
  • He wants privacy. It is absolutely fine to start a new relationship without being under the scrutiny of your ex. This is a completely normal feeling!
  • He’s harboring secret feelings. If you were the one who ended things, your ex may still be carrying a flame, and unwilling to show that he has moved on in case you change your mind.
  • He wants to appear “available”. If someone is in a relationship, the vast majority of us will wipe them off the list of potentials. If he’s hiding the fact that he’s in a relationship, he might not be done with playing the field.

The best way to figure out WHY your ex is hiding his new relationship is to decide what type of person he is:

Is he kind, sensitive, self aware and caring?

Is he cold, narcissistic and selfish?

If it is the first, chances are he’s keeping things on the down low to spare your feelings. This is a sweet move on his part, and you should accept his decision with good grace.

If it is the second, you should watch out for sneaky attempts to get back with you, or using the new flame to undermine you and your confidence.

How Do You Know He Found Someone Else?

So he’s told you that he just doesn’t want a relationship. But is he silently adding “not with you, anyway…” and how do you find this out?

Well, the fact that he’s found someone else is a good indicator of this! If your man has taken himself off the market for you, but added For Sale signs to everyone else, then there is your answer.

He might not actually be fibbing about the relationship part – maybe he just wants to play the field a bit more. In which case, this is not the man you want anyway!

Why Is My Ex’s Relationship Moving Fast?

You may have spent months feeling terrible after a breakup, unable even to look at another person or think about a relationship. Your ex doesn’t seem to have any of these problems!

It can be hard to deal with an ex moving on, especially if it happens fast. However, there may be hidden reasons for it – let’s see if we can understand a little more…

  • They’re dealing with the pain. Have you heard the phrase “Get back on the horse”? Your ex may be squashing their feelings by leaping straight back on the dating horse, as it were.
  • They could have been unhappy. As hard as it is to hear, maybe they really weren’t happy in the relationship with you. If it had been going on for a while, it may seem like their new relationship is moving at the speed of light.
  • It could be a rebound. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with a rebound relationship, but it could be that your ex is moving on so fast because they’re simply transferring their feelings onto someone else.
  • Maybe they don’t like to be alone. This is another one that won’t make you feel too great, but maybe your ex is one of those people who just has to be in a relationship, no matter what.

It may hurt, seeing your ex being happy soon after you broke up. But you know what? There is nothing that you can do about it – and neither should you have to.

The best thing you can do is work on healing yourself, establishing healthy routines, spending time with family and friends – basically, embracing your life. They can do it, so can you!

How Do You Know Your Ex Is Not Coming Back?

How Do You Know Your Ex Is Not Coming Back

So you’ve broken up, but you still have feelings and you want to give it another go. Before you get back into it, let’s check out whether or not there’s any hope! If he’s not coming back, there are a few telltale signs:

  • You’re in the Friend Zone. There is no better way to know that a relationship is over than if you’re just mates, and he uses you as a sounding board to check out his latest conquests!
  • They’ve blocked you completely. Conversely, if your ex has completely severed all ties with you on social media and in person, you will know that this is pretty much the end.
  • You hear nasty rumors. If your ex is badmouthing you behind your back, you can be sure that they don’t want to rekindle things. And, after that, neither should you!
  • They’re not jealous. If you find yourself a new heartthrob and your ex is not seething with jealousy, you can be pretty sure that they’re actually happy for you, and not harboring secret feelings.
  • They start dating. Ok, it may be a rebound – but if your ex’s new relationship appears to be lasting then you had better shelve your feelings and move on.
  • Things are different between you. You may still have contact with your ex, but you notice that your conversations are stilted and boring. It’s time to leave this one behind!

Final Words

Whatever your relationship with your ex now, remember that they are your ex for a reason. You didn’t want to be with them, so allow then to be happy with someone new!

Once you have accepted the new state of your relationship and moved on you will be much happier – and hopefully the two of you can be happy in your new friendship too.

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