How To Keep Him Committed?

Having a full understanding of how to make him committed fully will enable a woman to benefit immensely from their relationship. There are lots of women out there who have entered relationships with a man who is happy to keep them around; however, cannot completely commit and this often leads to disappointment and failed relationships.

The feeling of rejection at times can make women wary of being in another relationship too, having failed the previous one. If you know you love the man and you want him to take the relationship to a deeper level, there are certain measures that you have to take.

How To Keep Him Committed

how to keep him committed

Here are some of the steps you have to do on how to make him commit to a serious relationship.

1. Lend an ear

Guys do encounter some setbacks in their lives and during these times, he needs a helping hand and a person who will listen to his problems. If you can ease the hurt he’s feeling just by listening to him, then you can anticipate that he will unburden his heart to you fully, which can lead to a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

For instance, if he is currently facing some disappointments which he decides to share with you, see to it that you lend an ear to your guy without making him feel pathetic or mediocre. Making him feel that you are there for him when he needs you is essential.

2. Make him feel special

Making a guy feel special is another nice way to make him closer to you. Women can do this by making him feel that he is loved.

Being open is a huge, integral part of a serious relationship. If you want your relationship to go to the next level, you have to be open to him—this means telling him about the things you like and do not like.

Sharing those things will make the guy feel that you trust him enough to tell you those things and in turn, it will make him feel special due to that trust. Furthermore, if there are several things that you discovered your guy is into and you happen not to feel the same way, you have to tell him without reservations instead of pretending that you like those things as well.

When you are being yourself, you can anticipate that he will open up to you in the same manner. In addition, because there are many ways to make a man commit to a woman, it is crucial that you keep in mind and take to heart all the tips you will gather in this article.

3. Make the guy realize that you are here because you love him the way he is

A man does not want to be hampered in a relationship, thus you have to allow him his freedom. Although the majority of women are considering marriage, a family and a secure job at some point, the guy may still be into the same routine before he has ever met you.

There are guys who have no plan whatsoever of drastically changing their routine or lifestyle just because they are in a relationship and of course they expect it to be that way. This is one mistake a lot of women do; making a guy change his routine to fit with the goals they want for the relationship.

It is crucial that you have to make him feel that you will not be taking away his freedom to still do the things he wants to do.

4. Do not demand too much from him more than he can handle

Or else he might not be able to actually maintain it. Be realistic about it because this often leads to broken hearts and dissolved relationships. He might realize one day that he has had enough and leave you in the end.

5. Allow him the chance to make you happy too

Although we want to do, and be, the best that we can for our partners, and we often try really hard to accommodate our lovers and do everything that we can to make them happy, it is important to remember that there are two of you in this.

Yes, you should do your utmost to please your partner. Yes, you should do whatever you can to make them happy. But, if it comes at the expense of your own happiness, or you find yourself bending over backwards while your partner stays resolutely horizontal, then this is not right either.

Compromise is the key to any relationship. You want to make your relationship the best that it can be, of course – but don’t lose yourself in the process.

A measure of the true commitment to any relationship is keeping your partner happy, of course – but you also need to allow him the chance to make you happy too.

Men like to feel fulfilled and as though they are being useful – so allow him to feel like he’s fulfilling his purpose by making sure that you are happy too! Let him lead the relationship.

Commitment is not a one sided thing. Give the both of you chance to commit fully to the relationship, and allow your partner to feel some of the joy that this can bring.

6. Do not spend more than he has intended to

It’s enough that your man is generous most of the time but it pays that you get to foot the bill at times especially if you know you can handle it. A good majority of guys are actually turned on by a woman who can take charge in money matters – this shows that she is responsible and independent.

It is also a good idea to split that restaurant bill and or movie ticket.

7. Do not be afraid to share opinions on different topics

This is a good method on how to make a man commit; talking about a variety of topics makes for better, longer conversations with your man. It will also mean you will have plenty to talk about in the days to come.

It will show that you are not only beautiful, but you are a woman of substance with opinions he can challenge, approve or even help change his own views.

Talking about a broad set of topics does not make a boring relationship; it makes a relationship even more exciting. He will never get bored being around you.

8. Become a bit distant

Now, this might seem a bit unorthodox an approach and a completely inconsistent with the first tip in this article, but many women have done this and actually succeeded. This does not mean that you have to severely avoid him—just a little span of distance enough for him to miss your company.

Be a little less available to your man. If the guy understands that you have fallen hard for him, he will stop making an effort to get you. He is aware that if he needs you, you will always be there for him.

He also understands that he does not have to be on his best behavior anymore because you are fully devoted to him. In case you have done all of the tips mentioned and they did not work for you, then you can do this approach.

If he calls to invite you for a movie, tell him you have other plans. Make yourself unavailable sometimes. If you do this approach, he will begin to feel like you are getting away from him and he will realize suddenly that he wants you more than ever.

Final Words

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