How To Get Men’s Attention: 7 Successful Tips

If you have the man of your dreams in mind, and if you have set the target to a particular person, whether it be a guy you see in your workplace, or maybe a guy that you often see when you jog or do your daily routine in your own place, or even just someone through your mutual friends, the first thing you would want to know is how to get men’s attention.

In a world which dictates that women aren’t supposed to court men, grabbing their attention is the best means to take things up a notch in terms of your relationship with them. Below are 7 successful tips in order for you to get a man’s attention.

How To Get Men’s Attention

how to get men's attention

1. Observe proper hygiene

While not observing proper hygiene would get a man’s attention, as well as the people around, the reality is that the attention isn’t something that’s positive at all.

Obviously, the attention you want to get is nothing but good. Observing proper hygiene by smelling good, looking fresh and clean all the time is a huge plus, not just in getting a man’s attention, but also from people around you. Wash your clothes properly, take a bath and brush your teeth, and prevent any stench from emanating on your body.

Never run the risk of showing up in the office without your daily bath, especially if the day is going to be hectic for you. Being sweaty and not having a bath prior would definitely make you stink much faster than you normally would.

2. Look smart and act smart

Being smart would always be a plus wherever you go. Having said that, in a sea of people with average minds and ideas, it always gives you an edge whenever you go out and look smart and confident.

Therefore, looking smart and acting smart is something which could come across as innate in some individuals, but looking “smart” is characterized by using a creative and succinct choice of words, dressing neatly and cleanly, and of course, observing a proper and straight posture when walking. Providing the best output makes you get men’s attention, especially among those who are work-oriented.

3. Act natural

In all circumstances, especially around the guy, you ought to act as naturally as you possibly could. Staying true to who you are is often the best route to take, especially if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, and if you want a man to be attracted to you for a long-term duration.

The reason for this is because people who fall for a fake façade of someone often end up leaving a person once knowing someone’s true identity, given that this greatly breaks the sense of mutual trust, and that relationships just wouldn’t work if it were to be grounded on lies.

4. Stay calm and composed

One of the sad realities is that men tend to generalize women as being obnoxious individuals. Because of this, it rarely ever comes as a surprise among men if they see people who are far from being calm and composed, and thus it would make you stand out if you are one.

Staying calm and composed would attract men, given that it’s these unique things that make people attracted to anyone. Always put your best foot forward when around men. It will not just make you look good in front of people, but would also give you a chance to lure the men you’re attracted to.

5. Make him feel like a man

Once you get a hold of the man you’re attracted to, if you want to keep on getting their attention, don’t make them feel like you’re a liability by being whiny and making them feel responsible for you.

Empower them and don’t give him a burden with how you speak and talk to them. Give him enough space, and make sure that he still feels a sense of control over the relationship, which could be done by not pressing on too many demands for him to do.

This is the most important aspect to attraction, as the attraction would be diminished in cases when girls impose way too many rules without giving him the chance to make ends meet or at least have a say.

6. Tease him a little bit

Just being slightly suggestive would help you give signals that you’re into him. Some light teasing usually gives men a sense of thrill and in the process makes them excited about the prospect of the two of you becoming something.

This is something you can only do if you’ve been dating for a relatively long period of time, let’s say around 2 to 3 months. Not doing this might come across to them as you being bored and/or disinterested in them, and consequentially would definitely cause them to lose attraction of any sort towards you.

7. Learn to understand him

The psychology of men and women is always an interesting matter to study. This is because there are many different ways to attract one person to another one and that there is no uniform pattern or formula for any relationship to actually take place.

Learning a little bit of the psychology of man, however, will give you lots of benefits when it comes to clearing doubts and decoding their suspicious moves.

This would, in turn, make you discover several other ways on how to get a man’s attention, and take things up a notch in terms of your relationship.

Having said that, there are several books in the market aimed towards making you understand a lot of the aspects there is to being a man, which you could most definitely use to your advantage.

My Final Thoughts

getting a man’s attention is quite easy

You may think that getting a man’s attention is quite easy – and in a way, you would be right. You can put on your most revealing outfit and strut up and down, sending sultry glances and pouting occasionally.

This will be guaranteed to get his attention – but is it this kind of attention you are looking for? Surely you want him to be attracted to more than just your body?

In order to get his attention – and get him to notice you for YOU, not just your clothes or posture – you have to be yourself. This cannot be stressed enough!

If you are looking for a long term relationship, with someone who loves you warts and all, then you have to be prepared to show those warts along with the good bits.

Allowing someone close can be a scary thing; you may feel all your niggling self doubts creep in and you wonder if it would be easier to just keep things light and on the surface.

But the way to get his attention – and keep it – is to be your wonderful self. If he doesn’t like you for you, then he’s not worth your attention!

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