Sure Signs That He Is Attracted To You: The List

In this day and age, you will notice that a majority of guys are often reluctant to spill what they really feel about you. There are guys out there who worry about rejection; some are even scared stiff by it. Some have experienced rejection before, and have given up trying to woo the women they’re interested in.

Hence, it is crucial that women and girls should know the signs that reveal attraction on his part. That way, if you are quite smitten with the guy, you can, in turn, provide him clues that you are on the same mutual appreciation level that he’s at!

It is not that complex to know if a guy is attracted to you or not. With a bit of keen observation, you can tell that he is interested in knowing you more.

6 Signs That He Is Attracted To You

signs that he is attracted to you

Keep up with your observations and you will tell whether a guy is drawn to you or not. Scroll down and read the signs of attraction from men (even if they have a girlfriend) that will help you know whether the guy you’re singling out has the same feelings toward you.

1. He will always try to look at you

Shy guys tend to look at the women they like every so often. It is more like glancing every now and then, as opposed to a stare of admiration. The guy will grin back whenever the woman glances at him. In this case, you will notice that you can easily find him taking a quick look at you.

If the guy is not shy at all, he will approach you with small talk to break the ice and begin a conversation. The guy, as soon as he starts a conversation, is testing the waters and making sure that you two are eventually going to hit it off.

2. Greets you in a friendly manner, always

It happens each time whenever you stumble upon him in random places; the guy often seems like he is sincerely happy to see you. His greetings are often casual and congenial, and there are no formalities written all over it.

As soon as the guy sees you, he perks up and smiles warmly. The absence of formalities and put-on greetings surely means that he is drawn to you.

3. He always tries to be on his best behavior

A guy who is attracted to you will never fail to impress you. He always tries to affect and sway you with nice behavior, or with any unique talent that he has. Notice that he will do this only to you, and not to any other woman.

4. He will always ask questions

Talking with another person is surely a move that will help certain pieces of the puzzle fall into place. A woman can tell if the guy is interested in her by means of the little revealing hints he suggests in his conversation. He will ask plenty of questions since he wants to know you more.

He will also joke around to keep you at ease, and to keep the conversation going. If you are at a party and you are approached by a man who wants to stick with you for the entire shindig, then it is likely that he is interested in you.

5. He will request for your contact number

Now, this is a sure-fire sign that he is indeed interested and would like to keep your current getting-to-know-you stage to progress.

As soon as you have provided him with your digits, do not be surprised if you receive unanticipated text messages or calls from the guy. He will say “Hello” and ask about your day. This means that you are on his mind all the time. Mutual admiration and communication eventually lead to meet-ups or dates.

6. He appreciates your suggestions and compliments, and takes them to heart

If you happen to praise him on his demo at work, a guy who is interested in you will try to keep doing well at his work.

If you suggest a style of haircut that you know will look becoming on him, he will go to a salon and try out your suggested haircut. If the advice and compliments have a significant influence on him, then chances are he is romantically interested.

3 Signs That He Is Not Attracted To You

signs that he is not attracted to you

Chances are that you can come up with enough “signs that he is NOT attracted to you” all by yourself, without having to read about it! But in case you are not sure, let’s have a look at a few of the more obvious signs:

1. He’s not listening

If, while you are in conversation, his mind and eyes wander – whether he is actually looking at other women or sneakily checking his phone for messages – this is a massive red flag. Your potential partner should be interested enough in you that he is not distracted by anything bar a massive fire or sudden global apocalypse.

2. He’s only interested in one thing

If his banter is always of a lewd nature, or he doesn’t seem that fussed by actually talking and listening to you but more focusing on your body, then you should take this as a warning sign.

3. He blows you off

If you have made plans to meet up, she should be as excited as you are, if not more! If he cancels on your plans at the last minute, be wary. He may have a good excuse, so give him the benefit of the doubt. However, if it keeps happening, especially at the last minute, you should put your running shoes on and not look back.

You will know, deep down inside yourself, if this is something that is going to last or not. Listen to your instincts.

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