7 Obvious Signs A Man Wants To Be With You

It’s true that every good relationship has its own vibe that vibe is how you are each other’s soul. But often it becomes critical to understand the vibes, and instead we keep trying to read the mind of the person on the other side of the hook. If you are in a budding relationship and you are uncertain about the potential of the relationship, there are signs you can look for – signs a man wants to be with you.

If you notice some of these positive behaviors from your guy, you can be sure that he wants to be with you in future. What are these signs?

Signs A Man Wants To Be With You

signs a man wants to be with you

1. He shares his goals with you

Does your man share his personal goals with you? If so, he might be serious about you. Sharing his personal goals for the next five years or more is a sure way to tell that a man wants to be with you in the future.

The goals of a man are his roadmap to survival and success. When he wants to share it with you, clearly he is counting you as someone he trusts.

This is a good trait of the man with whom you are in a relationship, because by sharing his goals, he’s looking for a potential partner. If he asks about your goals, that’s even better. He respects your ambitions and wants to know if they are compatible with his.

2. He wants your opinion

Another very important sign of a good relationship is trust and confidence in each other.  You can really feel synchronized in situations in which he asks for your opinion and seeks approval.

Not only is he sharing, but he is also clearly displaying his dependence on your decision, which is a significant sign of how he feels about you and your personality.

You may differ while exchanging opinions and you may not be 100% on the same boat where your final decisions on specific subjects are concerned.

However, he should listen to your opinion with respect, and argue/discuss, if necessary, in a way that shows his beliefs without belittling yours. A guy who shows that your presence and opinions matter to him probably wants to stay with you, because he values your existence in his life.

3. Get comfortable

Every individual has a personal comfort level of which people close to him or her are normally aware. If your man is really in tune with you, he will remember even the smallest ways to make you comfortable and will avoid things that make you uncomfortable.

He will remember small things like that you as if vanilla flavor in your soda and hate mushrooms on your pizza, or that you love to watch comedies but are terrified of scary movies!

Moreover, he will continue asking you many small details about you, which you may find annoying at times, but it’s only to get to know you better. Besides physical comfort, he will also take special care of your emotional comfort, because he likes to see you smiling and happy.

4. Count on communication

If both people in a relationship care about each other, communication between the two of them will likely be ongoing, transparent, and friendly. They will often meaningfully talk about their lives. Communication will be the glue of the relationship.

To best analyze the relationship, think about the sincerity of his communication. This will let you know if you are maintaining a positive bond and that your man is serious about you being together. This is definitely one of the positive signs that a man wants to be with you.

5. Make time for us

Think about whether or not he wants to spend time with you. Do you have to beg for his attention? No matter how busy he is, you should always find him eager to spend time with you, even if you can’t physically be together.

It should be clear that he craves your company all day along, and he will let you know that your presence makes him happy and emotionally secure.

Even if you pick a movie that he probably wouldn’t have, he will go with you without complaining. Taking turns with things like movies, shows that he’ll do things that interest you, just because he wants to be with you.

6. Meet the family and friends

Meeting the parents is often joked about when couples are new to a relationship, because we know that one of the most telling signs of a progressing relationship is his willingness to tell others about you. To show others that he’s in a relationship, guys will introduce you to their friend circle and family members.

In fact, he will be eager to introduce you to his circle so that he can let you know about his friends and family. If he intends to spend his future with you, he brings you around so that people around him can read your importance and presence in his life, just as your friends can be aware of his presence.

7. Freedom of expression

A man cannot be hero to his butler, means that people need to be free and uninhibited in close relationships. If you find that your man is sharing things with you that he normally keeps guarded, you can be sure that he feels secure with you.

His communication will clearly indicate his eagerness and diligence to keep the relationship alive and transparent, which can build a rock-hard bond between you.

Read The Signs

signs a married man wants to be with you

There is no crystal ball to read your boyfriend’s mind. However, you can rely on your gut feelings, and keep a close watch on his behavior.

It can be hard to get inside a man’s head an work out how and what he really feels about you. But I’d bet money that he’s feeling the same way about you!

We are unfathomable creatures, we humans, and it can sometimes feel like you’re searching for the right key to fit the lock without even really knowing what the lock looks like! That’s how life can feel in the dating game.

But, did you know there are ways to work out whether he likes you or if you are wasting your time? The first thing to look out for is how much attention he pays to you, and we’re talking ACTUALLY paying attention, not just looking like he is.

If he is attentive, interested in you (and I mean really interested, not just faking it to try to make a good impression on you!) then chances are he will be actually interested in you and not just in what you are wearing.

If he tries hard, pays attention to you and asks questions bout what you say, and doesn’t instantly change the subject back to what he has been up to at work, then you may be onto a winner.

These are the positive signs a man want to be with you in the future for all the ups and downs in life. Use your instincts to evaluate the relationship.

There are also some online resources offer insightful courses for understanding male psychology. These courses can be done with a fast turnaround time and they will give you extra confidence. You also probably know an older couple who has advice and wisdom in this area.

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