How to Make Him Realize He Made a Mistake

How to Make Him Realize He Made a Mistake
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How to Make Him Realize He Made a Mistake

We know how rare it can be that the first relationship you enter will be your last one and you two can go through everything together. While this may seem like a fairytale, some couples do find and end up with their first love.

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But for most of us, we have to endure going through numerous relationships until we find one with whom we can settle down with. But what if you think you have met the one that you want and things did not go well?

What if he broke up with you? Or what if after a serious fight both of you just broke it up?

Maybe you are still bitter and hurting about what happened and how you did not see this happening because you pictured a happy and perfect relationship in your mind. Maybe you want him to realize that he made a mistake and want him to come back and try to start over again.

In this article, we will discuss ways in which you can make your guy realize that he made a mistake and how you can bring him back if you want to.

Ways to Make Him Realize He Made a Mistake

We know how breakups can feel—like hell. You wake up sad and you end up your day still sad because every little thing that happened throughout your day remind you of him and the relationship that you had, the days you spent together, the places you went, the way you hugged and kissed each other, and maybe even your fights.

You feel devastated and angry about yourself for feeling this way, so much so that you want him to feel the pain you are going through. But can you? The answer is yes.

But like all things in a relationship, this does not mean that he will suddenly realize his mistake on his own. You will have to take the steps too.

Here are ways on how you can make him realize he made a mistake:

Stay away

This first step is really difficult because most women end to stalk and find out how their ex is doing in all possible ways—Facebook, emails, texting,  calling, and even hanging out in the place he goes to.

Simply put, doing all of these can only make him run away from you faster than ever because he sees you as still clinging onto him and too available. If you find it hard to avoid texting him and stalking him, make yourself do so even if you have to remove him from your phone’s contact list.

Some women swear by keeping their hands off social media for a while to prevent them from subconsciously stalking their exes.

Focus on yourself

After being too devastated for days, weeks, and even months now is the time to take care of yourself. Having puffy eyes, unkempt skin, looking haggard and terrible can only make you look and feel bad. While other people may sympathize with you, your ex will only see you as a mess.

So what can you do? Take care of yourself! Treat yourself to anything that makes you look and feel good. Whether it’s a haircut, exercising, or buying that pair of shoes you’ve wanted, start taking steps in treating yourself better.

When you feel good and redeem your confidence, the next time he sees you he will be asking himself why he let you go.

Make it official

Maybe you wanted to hold onto your status of being in a relationship with him as long as possible which is why you haven’t changed your social media status yet. If your status was “in a relationship” change it back to “single”.

Most probably, he has changed his too and has even told his friends and family long before. If you can, try to delete everything related to him in your account, this may seem painful but the process of deleting those photos and videos can give you a sense of letting go.

Be careful, though, you don’t need to be so childish as unfriending him unless he is doing something that offends you, like posting photos of things he is doing now that he knows you did not like when you were together. If his social media posts constantly appear on your news feed, you can simply unfollow him

Go out and have fun

In treating yourself better, you should start going out again. Have fun with your friends and do the things that you do with your group before you got together with your ex.

There is a great chance that your common friends will tell him how you are having fun now. Be careful though that you are not faking it just to make it appear that you are having fun.

The key in this step is to actually enjoy the company of other people. If ever you bump into each other and he sees how much fun you’re having, he will remember the fun times you two had.

Treat him indifferently

Now, this requires some time and effort on your part especially if you have been waiting for him to talk to you before. On the chance that he strikes up a conversation with you, don’t be jumpy and giddy.

Talk to him as you would if you are talking to a colleague or office mate. He will immediately see the difference in the way you treat him and will start missing the warm way you treat him before.

Going through a fight and breakup can be very emotionally painful but there are ways you can make a guy realize his mistake. If you broke up because he did something bad t you, the more you have to take care of yourself and stop clinging onto him.

We all know how difficult it is to lose someone and we should look forward to having a good relationship in the future.

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