How To Get A Man Emotionally Attracted?

Different people are attracted to different traits of a person. Having said that, people could be attracted to good looks, while others could be attracted to intelligence. Some people, on the other hand, are attracted to certain specific features, such as eye color, skin color, height, while some people are attracted more to a certain age group.

When it comes to men, while attraction could be any of the above, one of the things you have to keep in mind is that men could be attracted not just to different characteristics, but also to different manners as well.

Men could either be attracted in a non-sexual manner, in a sexual one, and of course, the emotional one. The relationship between the three is complex, but out of all these forms of attraction, you would want a man to be attracted to you in the emotional sense.

Here I’m going to discuss the means that men could be attracted to you, and why you would want them to be attracted to you emotionally.

How To Get A Man Emotionally Attracted

how to get a man emotionally attracted

1. Non-Sexual

Attraction can be non-sexual. This is the kind of attraction you may feel towards someone whom you admire and look up to. These could include celebrities, heroes, your teacher, and other people whom you consider an “idol”, with them serving as a model, and you wanting to do the things that you want them to do.

This kind of attraction isn’t something you’d want to get from the man of your dreams simply because it hardly ever escalates into anything that’s deep or romantic.

2. Sexual

Another type of attraction you may feel towards a person is the sexual type of attraction. This is the kind that would make you want to have sex with the person.

This could be brought about by attraction to certain bodily features. When it comes to the sexual attraction, fetishes, or unusual desires for features and objects that are commonly perceived as non-sexual may pretty much come into play. Together with an emotional attraction, this is something that’s indeed, a very complex type of attraction.

Sexual Attraction could go on without emotional attraction, which is true in the case of people who engage in a casual sex. If you’re looking for the man of your dreams, however, making a man become sexually attracted to you is not the main goal, but rather, is one of the primary points, or usually what comes after the emotional attraction.

3. Emotional

Emotional Attraction is the primary target whenever you’re on the lookout for the man of your dreams. This kind of attraction is not something that lasts for just one night or so, as this kind of attraction could last for several months, up to a year, and in several instances would be the case all the way to death.

Having said that, the emotional attraction is one of the things you would definitely want to get from a man, if you would want to eventually end up marrying them.

Emotions are complex in itself, and emotional attraction towards an individual takes this complexity up a notch. Another aspect of emotional attraction is that it would lead to a sexual attraction, but in the case of emotional attraction, sex isn’t the primary aim, but instead, it’s going to be each other’s presence and company.

Given that this is the kind of attraction you would want the most, here are some of the steps you have to keep in mind to achieve that.

4. Don’t be too sexually suggestive

If you would want to be guaranteed of an attraction which goes beyond the sex, one of the things you have to keep in mind is that you should not be too sexually suggestive. Doing so would make men believe that all that you’re looking for is sex, and if you would want emotional attraction, this is definitely not the case.

If you’re looking for a man good for a long-term relationship and not a mere one-night stand, then go easy on the suggestive words and talk about more worthwhile things, and other aspects of your life apart from sex.

5. Don’t be predictable

In dating men, always give them a lingering sense of thrill and make it a point to not go all out with them all the time. Always leave a sense of mystery. Men are known to be curious, and doing so would help to build this kind of curiosity that basically keeps the ball rolling and would give men something to talk about all the time.

6. Change your mindset

The mind, as they say, is the most powerful part of your body, given that it manages to control a lot of aspects. As much as it influences your actions, the brain could also influence the very way as to how people think about you as well.

Always think about the positive, and have confidence in you and what you do. It’s always going to be confidence and how you carry yourself in front of people that will be a great determining factor on whether or not the man of your dreams will be attracted to you in an emotional manner.


types of attraction

If you’re on the lookout for means in order for the man of your dreams to be emotionally attracted to you, above all other means of attraction, then it’s appropriate that you follow the advice that we have listed above. This is not a difficult thing to do, but it does need some getting used to.

Emotional attraction is a different kind of attraction to the other types. Emotional attraction is far more important that the physical side of things ad even more than the romantic side.

Both of these types of attraction will wane over time, but an emotional attachment is here to stay. An emotional attraction is not something you can try to achieve – at least not in the way that you can try to achieve a sexual attraction (for example, by wearing provocative clothing or by being suggestive).

An emotional attraction is borne by being attracted to someone’s mind, soul, spirit and general self. If you are looking for an emotional connection with a man, then you need to be yourself. Just yourself. A simple suggestion, by the sound of it – but also a big and meaningful one.

Being yourself – as pure and unadulterated as you can possibly be – is the best way to encourage a true emotional connection. Of course, you have to hope that your intended is going into the relationship with the same intentions!

As long as he is, and you bot feel the connection, then you’re laughing. It’s not something that can be faked, so once you know you’ve got it, you’ve definitely got it.

When it comes to developing an attraction, it’s important for you to never rush things or force them. Always be as pure and as natural as possible with your every move. Before you know it, the man of your dreams will be attracted to you so strongly!

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