How To Text A Guy To Get His Attention?

How to text a guy to get his attention? This is a very big question that almost every single girl out there wants to know how to do.

Few things are as exciting and scary as texting a guy you think you like. The stakes are high, because you have to balance making a good impression while also staying genuine to who you really are.

For all the fun it should be, it’s also quite stressful. Texting is a major form of modern communication.

It can start many great relationships, but it’s also wrecked a lot on the beach before they ever set out to sea.

How To Text A Guy – 7 Things To Consider

how to text a guy to get his attention

1. Start Off With Good Vibes

One of the main things to remember when learning how to text a guy is that the conversation should start out with good feelings. Don’t start your conversations with words like “you’re so hot”. Instead, try something like “you make me so happy”. This is because the “you” that you are using here is the guy that you would be talking to.

Don’t say something that could apply to any and every guy. Tell him how you smile a bit more when you see him at work, or how you love how he touches your shoulder when at the bar. Make it specific, but keep it lighthearted.

2. Use Tools To Make It Easier

Another important thing that you need to know about texting conversation is that there are a lot of tools that can help you with it. There are a number of emojis that can be used, especially the classic ones. The classic ones include the heart, a smiley face, the cartoon character, and of course the wink face. All of these emojis are great for showing how interested you are with the other person.

It doesn’t matter what type of girl you are, it can be difficult to come across as being interested in someone without overdoing it. However, you can use this as a tool in learning how to text a guy you like by using the emojis. These are very easy to understand and you don’t have to resort to anything that is cheesy.

To get the best effect from using emojis, you should start out with a smiley face and then send him an appropriate message. Emoticons as great ways to make sure your mood and ‘body language’ come through in texting with a guy.

3. Ask Questions

Most men love sharing what things interest them with women they like. You don’t have to also like them, but showing some interest means showing interest in him.

Don’t interrogate him, but when the conversation might stall a little, throw in a question to spice things back up and get to know him better.

What’s one thing that really makes him feel alive at times? What books or shows has he enjoyed the most times? What’s his favorite song?

Don’t make it all about impressing him all the time.

4. Play Hard To Get

You will have to wait for a while before he answers, but at least you know what your intentions are, and that should help you when you’re finally ready to try and text a guy you like. It’s important that you take your time with this process, as not all men will respond positively to the very first text that you send them. In fact, some guys won’t respond at all!

5. Open The Door

If playing hard to get isn’t working, or things are stuck in the friend or acquaintance zone, throw in a subtle compliment.

Where did you last see him? Work? A social media post? The bookstore? What was he wearing?

Tell him he looked great in the black jacket he was wearing. Once he knows you’re interested enough to notice him, he’s probably going to start noticing you if he wasn’t already.

Giving him an opening means he might just take it.

6. Keep It Going

Once he does answer, be sure to continue the texting conversation in the proper manner. Keep your tone calm, fun, and interested so that he sees that you want to have a long relationship with him and that you’re not looking for a quick one.

Be sure that you compliment his physical qualities as well as his personality qualities even more here. While not all guys are egotistical, few men mind having their egos stroked a bit, especially by a woman. Showing an interest in respecting him and his needs means it’s far more likely he’ll treat you like the gem of feminine divinity you hopefully know you are.

7. Throw Down The Gauntlet

There hopefully comes a point in your texting with a guy to get his attention that you’re ready to either find out if he’s truly interested in you or you’re ready to take things past flirting via text. One great thing to do is to text him that you’re about to get food. Ask him if he’d like to join you.

Who says no to food with someone they like? Given how this one comes with a relative deadline and a sense of urgency, an immediate response is required.

Don’t get mad if he can’t make it, because if he’s really into you, he’ll make that clear.

If you pitch the idea of one of his favorite places to eat, you’ll more than likely really grab his attention.

Final Words

Texting to a guy is easy

Texting is probably one of the best ways to get to know someone. It’s often a precursor to dating.

Online dating frequently starts off with texting, and you can get to know a person a bit before you ever actually meet them.

Of course, grabbing a guy’s attention through texting also works with men you already know.

Texting is easy, but it can also be impersonal. A lot is possibly lost in translation. Sending the wrong text might make you look desperate or make a guy lose any interest. Then again, the best texts warm his heart and make you very alluring.

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