Understanding Male Female Attraction: What He Really Wants

In case you want to know what a man deems attractive in a woman, and what he searches for in her, you have to understand and take in certain things and concepts. A majority of men are on the hunt for similar qualities in ladies as they often possess the same thoughts about the fair sex.

If you have understood these qualities, then it will be easier for the ladies to bag “The One.” One surefire way of meeting and getting Mr. Right is by improving your appearance and personality.

There are also men who struggle to find The One, just like there are women who are on a quest to find their own true, eternal love. Keep in mind that not all men are afraid of committing themselves to a serious relationship.

Even if these men are scared of that particular “C” word, there are particular qualities that will make them attracted and fall hopelessly in love. If you want your guy to completely commit, you have to know and grasp these things.

Read on to learn more about understanding male female attraction and what he really wants.

Understanding Male Female Attraction

understanding male female attraction

A majority of woman might ask how attraction works for men since a majority of them ponder that it can be a challenge to handle and make a relationship last. However, you are not obligated to go overboard to keep a guy attached. Here are some of the qualities that every woman should possess in order to keep her man.

Have a healthy sense of humor

Men love laughter and they love all kinds of humor. The guys will appreciate it if you laugh at their jokes, and will love it as well if you can tell them some of your anecdotes too. Humor makes a woman a potential, a lady who will bag his interest.

Although men don’t like if you try to be too funny, they find it a comfort to hang out with a woman who knows how to laugh, and who laughs even at his corniest jokes.

Do not nag each time; forgive his small mistakes

You have to understand that men are not perfect creatures and if you know this, it will make him love you even more. Men are into women who do not badger them every time they make mistakes.

If you can easily forgive a guy who made a slip-up, no matter how grave this slip-up is, then you are the woman that a majority of men will be into. But if you cannot prevent your mouth from going all over the place, men will quickly get tired of you.

Broaden your horizons

If you ever wondered how men fall in love, you should try having a wider perspective on things. Take into consideration his opinions and ideas; respect them each time you are having a conversation.

The guy will surely notice the way you give attention to his opinions and ideas even if you are not really interested in these things. Open-mindedness means you are willing to delve into unfamiliar territory like sports and fly-fishing, even if you are more of fashion boutiques and beauty salon girl.

Show your smarts

Men who want to get into a serious relationship are into educated ladies. Yes, it is recommended that you should have your own interests and show your smarts when you are in the company of men, but do not lay them out thickly and avoid bragging.

Men are into ladies who can connect with them on the same level. Keep in mind not to diminish your standards as a woman, and with this, you will definitely have a keeper.

Make sure that you know how to take care of yourself

Men are visual creatures; thus, they are attracted to women with pleasing looks. Hence you should know how to take good care of yourself. Get your hair or nails done, eat nourishing, healthy food, and go to the gym.

Men love women who take care of themselves. Looking sexy and alluring does not always mean a glorious set of vital stats or skimpy, revealing clothing. It means great self-care, smarts, an awesome personality, and feeling gorgeous inside and out.

If you understand guys, then making them fall for you will be a lot easier. You do not have to get the latest fashions and makeovers just to make him stay by your side forever. What you need is the proper attitude and qualities that will entice him not to let you stray out of his life.

My Final Thoughts: What He Really Wants

what he really wants

Male attraction is almost as hard to understand as female attraction. The fact is, we are all such different beings; no matter what sex we are. Everyone wants different things – some men want commitment, some women want love.

Some women want a great night out, some men want commitment. It’s as hard to work out what each person wants as it can be to work out what you yourself want!

If you are looking for a way to understand what men want (beyond the obvious!) then you can join millennia of women wondering the same thing. One of the best pieces of advice that we can give is a simple one – just be yourself. You are a clever, funny, attractive woman, aren’t you?

So, realise that, and step out with a spring in your heels and a glint in your eye. Interestingly enough, this is the thing that will attract the most men! And when you have your pick of them, you can decide which one is most worthy of your affections.

Give them to someone who is interested in you for who you are; who likes the same things you do; who is willing to stay up till the wee hours discussing your lives and childhoods and hopes and dreams.

What does he really want? He wants you. If he is the right man, this is all he wants. You should settle for nothing less!

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