What Draws Men To Women: The Qualities You Should Know

There are women whom men find irresistible, and not because they are beautiful and charming. It is agreed that men are visual creatures but good looks are just one of the many features that pull men towards a certain woman.

Different men have varying tastes when it comes to the attributes that they look for in women. So what makes you attractive to men then? What draws men to women?

Here are some of the popular attributes that men find hard to resist in a woman.

What Draws Men To Women

what draws men to women

1. Confidence

A woman who walks into a room with her back straight, self-assured and cool is a complete magnet for men. She is not preoccupied with things that she wants to be—she is in total control and she knows that she is beautiful, strong and a force to be reckoned with.

To gain that kind of confidence, you have to first love yourself. Accept your flaws the way you acknowledge your assets, then work on it. Doing so will provide you with a good amount of poise, positivity, and self-confidence.

2. A terrific sense of humor

Guys love being with women who can laugh along with them. Men are mostly laid back and humor is a big part of their lives and this is shown whenever they hang out with their buddies.

However, keep in mind that you should not fake a sense of humor since most of the time men notice this and many have said that it is a turn-off. Don’t have a sense of humor?

Learn how to laugh at yourself, learn some jokes and seek a laugh every day.

3. Smarts

You may possess all the beauty in the world, but a stunning face is, in fact, inadequate if you lack some smarts. As mentioned earlier, men are visual creatures but if he realizes that you cannot add into a conversation on a few topics, the guy will likely let go of you.

Many men are impressed and attracted to women who are capable of holding a conversation. A woman who is confident with her smarts and does not hide it guarantees exciting conversations that will make every day with a guy fun and thrilling.

4. Being enthusiastic and positive

There are men who are into women who are quite upbeat and lively because, for them, it is an indication of youthful vigor. Young people always live for the moment and this kind of positive attitude inspires men especially when they need somebody to cheer them on.

Being too serious, cynical and suspicious are turn-offs for plenty of men. Guys are into women who put them at ease and give an optimistic vibe that will help uplift their day.

5. Laidback

What makes a woman attractive to some guys? Having a chill, laidback attitude. In this time of technological excess and the rat race, keeping yourself steady and maintaining a cool, relaxed demeanor amid the noise is something that is impressive and appealing in a woman.

Hence learn to slow down and take a breather sometimes.

6. Being yourself

This may sound like a cliché but it still rings true. Men are into women who are true to themselves and do not pretend to be who she’s not.

They can sense this easily. Pretending is an indication that you are desperate. Admit that yes, you are not perfect and you have a few flaws, but then again you have redeeming qualities that make you excel in other aspects.

Work on your flaws as you work on highlighting those positive qualities. In no time, men will come to you because you are distinctively you and not another person.

7. Independence

Apart from those qualities mentioned above, guys find independent women hard to resist (although not all of them). Women who have no aim in life but to get men are often a turn-off for most guys.

Guys need to see that you have a life apart from him. Have fun with your friends, go about with your interests. Do those things and routines that you’ve been doing before you met.

Your interests, friends, and family should remain an integral part of you, of your life.

Also, it is important that you make him feel that you want him, not need him around. Neediness often results to being too cling and this is always bad news for guys.

Men find clinginess an issue and this is one of the top reasons why men break up with women. Make him feel special instead and he will return the favor.

8. Femininity

What makes you attractive is your femininity. You are a woman so revel in your womanhood. Men find women who keep in touch with their femininity appealing.

However, femininity is not concerned with being an emotional wreck that is prone to outbursts. Being a feminine woman is to be caring, encouraging, genuine and kind.

9. Understanding

Men are often quickly attracted to women who understand who they are and why they act, say and do certain things. Keep in mind that the more accepting, considerate and thoughtful you are, the more he will likely return the favor.

10. Inner beauty

An attractive woman is aware that physical loveliness, even though it is important, is not as crucial as the beauty that is found from within. An attractive woman is not obsessed with negativity.

She has confidence in her ways and her looks. She has respect not only for other people but for herself as well.

11. Honesty

If you love playing mind games, then stop doing it. Why? Guys find gals who play with their heads a turn-off. Be direct and honest with your intentions.

If you want a rewarding romantic relationship, you have to be honest from the very start. Men are into women who are open, sincere and can be trusted.

Those are the attributes that men find appealing on women. And now that you have enough knowledge about it, you can gather more tips on how to win him even more.

My Final Thoughts

Attraction works both ways

Attraction works both ways. Yes, you want him to be attracted to you – but you also need to feel attracted to him (including physically). Assuming that you do, it is important to be interested in what he says and what he does.

Of course, you love to hear about the things that he gets up to when you’re not around – but some men can be quite hard to draw out. Ask him how his day has gone; remember his friends’ names; discuss his parent’s new garden plans.

It shouldn’t take too much to be able to remember a few details, and you should find that he reciprocates by being interested in you and your life. Of course it goes without saying that you are already fascinated by this man, right? So show him!

We all want our partners to be interested in us, and to not zone out or stare at the phone when we’re having a whinge about a bad day at work.

Offer your partner this consideration – which you would offer to friends and family – and you should find that he is drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

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