How To Flirt Like A Pro And Keep Him Interested?

Flirting is an art. It is responsible for bringing two persons together. But what is it really? Flirting is actually a type of communication that recognizes an individual in a welcoming manner. It combines good conversation and body language to display interest and admiration in another individual. How to flirt like a pro?

Flirting is crucial since it makes both parties feel good. There are lots of flirting tips women and men can use and learn in order to help them win hearts.

This is needed in interactions because flirting is often frisky but otherwise can relieve tension. Individuals often fall easily for people who can make them laugh, and flirting is a huge part of this.

If we can have some laughs along the way, we will have a guaranteed good time.

Flirting is an integral part of the getting-to-know-you stage.  It will help confirm if there is a certain emotional attraction or spark between two people.

It is also essential in romantic relationships as it allows couples to have fun and feel good about themselves in their relationship. Flirting with you and your partner add a dash of excitement too.

Here are some flirting tips for women that you can use.

How To Flirt Like A Pro

how to flirt like a pro

1. Love yourself first and gather enough confidence

If you think that being an attractive, charming woman will solve your flirting issues, remember that when you see yourself as a person with desirable traits, you promptly become the kind of person you envision it to be. When negativity shows up in your character, this is unattractive to men.

For flirting to be effective depends on your mindset and outlook. Hence, work on your confidence and give yourself some tough love. Everything will fall into place as soon as you realize this.

2. Make yourself welcoming and easy to talk to

Setting is everything. If you always surround yourself with your girlfriends, the guy might be too intimidated to make a move. Hence try sitting by the bar alone; make yourself available for a chat.

Being alone will give him the chance to come and sit next to you. Also, it does not hurt to crack a smile and be accommodating.

3. Give genuine smiles

This is the prelude to flirting; a genuine smile. If you are in a bar and you want to make yourself approachable, give one and it will have a positive effect not only for yourself but to the guys lingering in the room.

A real smile provides good vibes.

4. Make a point to look into his eyes while chatting with him

When you are in a conversation with another person, it is crucial that you meet the other person’s eyes while talking. Do not shift your gaze, do not turn it into a habit.

Lots of women often make this mistake, they try to look away whenever they talk to a guy or when coming close to their intended. Constant eye contact is essential if you want to establish an intimate connection with another individual.

Avoid staring though as it is not proper and impolite and might scare the guys instead. A modest glance will still work wonders.

5. Do not play a part

Now, we have been shown women who can easily glide, wink and talk themselves straight into their intended’s heart in movies and television series. These women have that natural, confident air about them and they have this approach with men that can be deemed admirable.

Due to this scenario, women often try to imitate these confident women’s approach.

However playing a role and winning it in the flirting game often ends up in disaster. What comes naturally to those women might look awkward and pretentious for some.

Or worse, ridiculous. You can still refer to those women’s methods, but guarantee that they will be successful for you. You have to allow your personality to shine through in order for it to come out naturally.

6. Keep everything classy

Leave a little mystery. While it is good to dress up sexy for this approach, it is crucial to keep everything classy and tasteful. You do not have to bare it all in order to be sexy. Focus on highlighting your positive attributes and select a wardrobe that compliments your body type and your skin tone.

Too much cleavage and too little hems can be excessive. You do not want to appear desperate for attention.

7. Recognize the power of touch

Only a few women know that touching is part of flirting process. A touch can send a guy a sign that you like him. There are several subtle approaches that you can do to let him know that you are interested.

When he gets closer to chat with you, do not be bashful and move forward a bit. Let him come to your comfort zone. When you are talking to the guy, take it a notch higher by gently putting your hand on his arm or the shoulder for a bit, not lingering too long so as not to be misconstrued as too forward.

If you are walking side by side, you can put your hand on his back or brush your hand quickly with his.

However, be cautious in using those flirting suggestions mentioned above. Remember to know your purpose before using them.

Keep yourself from sending those gestures if you are hesitant and undecided with what you really want to happen. Do not use those approaches to a guy you are not really sure of to avoid hurt feelings.

My Final Thoughts

how to flirt like a pro over text

Flirting is great fun, there’s no doubt about that. It can also serve to deepen a relationship; after all, what’s life without a little fun? It can be harder to master the art of flirting, and it’s even harder to do when you are not physically around the person. So you want to know how to flirt like a pro over text? Read on!

  • Keep it light. A little gentle flirting is great to get to know someone, as well as keeping the spark going in an existing relationship. It can be easier to go to the “next level” using just words, but make sure you don’t get too explicit – this can cause frustration for both parties!
  • Laugh. Keep your flirting on the fun side; humour is very important in any relationship. Who wants to be with someone who can’t make them giggle? Adding a little humour into your text flirting will add more depth to your relationship (and texting has the advantage that you can take a little longer to formulate the best response!)
  • Don’t get offended. Remember that it is sometimes very difficult to read someone’s true meaning when you are just reading their words and not their facial expressions and body language. If something comes up that you don’t like, just calmly ask what he means, or express that this is not the way you want the conversation to go.

These flirting tips for women can only be used if you have the right mindset, outlook, and setting.

So how will this activity benefit you? This is a nice way to begin a conversation and make him feel at ease and relaxed. Dating a good diversity of men offers you a better possibility to meet a guy you can consider as “The One.”

Dates and meeting new people are always a nerve-wracking experience and flirting eases the pressure that can build up over the course of a conversation. It makes the moment fun and exhilarating too.

Now flirting can be a hard task for some. Whether you are the shy type or you feel a bit awkward around new people, you may find the whole thing quite a challenge.

However, do not give up. With enough practice and confidence, you can become more skilled with this approach.

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