How To Make Him Kiss You With These 11 Easy Tips

I’m getting a lot of these questions from my readers: “How to make him want to kiss you?“;  “How to kiss a man and make him love you forever?”;How to kiss a guy to make him feel like he has earned you and that you’re his?“.

There are guys who are perfect gentlemen, and guys who are so downright shy that they hesitate to initiate intimate physical contact with you.

Some of them say that they are wary of your response, while some say that they are too self-conscious to make the first move. But do not fret since, in every relationship issue, there are solutions that will thwart them without difficulty. Here are some of the easiest ways on how to get him to kiss you.

How To Make Him Kiss You

How To Make Him Kiss You

1. Look great

First off, your appearance will matter. Try to make yourself seem gorgeous and attractive. Dress to kill, wear simple, yet alluring kiss-proof makeup and a dab of nice perfume. Remember that you have to do this in order to make him come close and ask for a kiss.

2. Make sure to have minty, clean and fresh breath

This is crucial when it comes to kissing. Nobody wants to kiss a person who can smell or taste like what he or she has had for lunch or dinner. Make sure that your breath smells good, so stock up on mints and those breath sprays; keep them in your bag or purse at all times, and pop a few if need be.

3. Be a flirt

The act of flirting will ease tensions away and help your guy to relax. Thus, go straight ahead and give him compliments on his work, his attire for the day, his haircut. Share that the smell of his eau de cologne or aftershave is nice, then inch nearer to your man. Touch him gently on his thigh, or just get near him.

4. Steer the subject to kissing

Talk about the subject of kissing, openly flirt with your man, and encourage him in a verbal manner so he will want to kiss you. Talking about the topic will stir mental images in him, and this will lead him to think about kissing you. You and your partner can chat about mischievous experiences or your best/worst kisses to keep the conversation rolling.

5. Smile

Begin physical contact by initially touching his hand or arm, or by siding up nearer to your guy so your thigh or arm brushes up against his. Furthermore, you can flip your hair over to expose the nape of your neck, a body part that men find attractive and sexy. You can also play with your hair, and throw him a suggestive smile to draw him closer to you.

6. Look straight into his eyes

Your eyes here will have to take command of the situation. Look straight into his eyes then position yourself across to make your breasts rest against his chest or arm. This will provide him hints that you want hot intimate contact now.

7. Concentrate on your guy’s eyes and mouth

To begin a kiss, you have to alternate looking at your partner’s mouth and eyes. Make sure to do this several times, then slightly close your eyes as you move closer to him.

8. Relax — do not get nervous

It is true that it can be intimidating to initiate a kiss, however, you have to stay cool, calm and collected. Confidence is key here and be sure that you know what you are doing. Believe as well, that you can do the act. The more level of confidence he sees, the more he will be drawn to you.

9. Make him feel relaxed as well

Now if he sees you are tense and discomfited, he may also act in the same manner. If you want to initiate intimate stuff, you have to show your guy that you are confident in that way.

10. Concentrate on having plenty of fun

Kissing is not actually a very serious matter; it should be fun and spontaneous. Being all serious will leave you unfocused and it will only lead to general awkwardness and failure. Keep your concentration on having a fun, an exciting time, and enjoy pleasantries with him. Allow this kiss to be the outcome of a pleasurable night.

11. After the kiss

If your moves were a complete success and your guy warmly responds to them, while kissing, let a small moan slip to impart that you are quite happy with his reaction. This will help ease the tension out of your guy’s system and will lead to another kiss or more.

My Final Thoughts

How to kiss a man and make him love you forever

Some men feel a great amount of pressure to make the first move, especially if they have had difficult or uncomfortable relationships in the past. However, a lot of women are conditioned to think that they can’t or shouldn’t make the first move. This can lead to a stalemate, and no kissing, even though both parties may desperately want to.

So here’s a thought: You make the first move! Instead of waiting for the man, you can also dive right in there if he is giving off the right signals. This can be tricky the first time you do it, as we are always told that we must wait for the man – but this is outdated advice these days.

How to kiss a man and make him love you forever may feel like an unattainable goal, but it is actually pretty simple when you get down to it. Here are some further thoughts on how to keep him interested after the first date.

Men are often not used to women making the first move, so chances are he’ll be so blown away by your confidence and so flattered, that he will fall at your feet right then and there. Just don’t forget the breath mints.

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