How To Talk To Men: 7 Useful Tips

We have all read books, blogs, and diaries on how to talk to boys or men. But we never know what the right approach is.

Should we be straightforward and bold while talking to him or should we wait for them to make the first approach? Should we answer in two words or two sentences? Should we answer their text in emojis? Which kind of emojis?

So many questions, and just as many answers confuse us, and instead of helping us, raise even more questions inside our minds. However, don’t worry, as I have a set of tips that will help you in understanding a guy’s mind, and helping you know how to talk to him.

Tips On How To Talk To Men

How to Talk to Men

1. Be yourself

If you’re having a it of a grumpy day, feel free to tell him about it. If you are so happy you want to sing from the rooftops, tell him this too. The most important thing when talking to your man – and to anyone, in fact – is to be honest, and true to yourself.

Don’t try to put on an act that you think is what he wants – either he’ll see straight through it, or he’ll be taken in and start to think you are a different person from what you actually are, which can cause problems down the line – not to mention being really exhausting!

Communicate with him, and be open to hearing his communication too. Talking, especially between couples, is so important that it really can’t be stated enough.

If your man is not much of a chatterbox, then you can open the conversation by talking about little things, then allowing him to open up too.

Talking to men is not rocket science. Talk to him as though he was your best friend, with the same level of openness and trust, and you will find that the conversation flows.

2. Use your smile to charm him

Smile more frequently the next time you are talking to a man you like a lot.  Smile when he smiles at you, giggle when tells a joke, and just keep that sparkle in your eyes whenever you talk. If you laugh at his jokes, it will make him think that you are listening to him.

Do not move a lot while talking to him because that can make him think that you would rather be somewhere else, and not with him. Also, maintain eye contact as that is the most important part of the conversation after your smile.

3. Be graceful

Women have, throughout the ages, liked chivalrous men, and men have liked coy and graceful women. Some women do not understand the difference between coy and shy.

A coy woman is someone who knows what to disclose and what not to. She knows the right time to talk and to flirt, whereas a shy woman is always nervous about talking. Men do not like that; they want someone who wants to talk and engage them in a conversation while being graceful at the same time.

What you can do is bat your eyelashes twice rather than just once while listening to him, twiddle your hair to show you are being thoughtful, and lean in to hear whenever he leans in to tell you something.

4. Touch him now and then

Men are always drawn to the tender and gentle touch of a woman. According to several scientific studies, men tend to begin flirting and showing interest in women who touches their arm or hand now and then.

You can place your palm on his palm, on the edge of his shoulder, or touch his forearm to make him listen to you. Any casual touch to the appropriate place will increase his interest in you.

5. Damsel in distress needs protection

Men have been the protectors and hunters throughout evolution, while women have been foragers and farmers. A man would appreciate it, even love it if you rekindle that primal instinct in him.

While crossing the street, reach out to him and hold his arm, and if a big dog comes near you, hold his hand. You should make him feel like he is your protector and you will notice that in no time, he will be talking to you.

6. Do not use foul language

Contrary to what people believe these days, most men still prefer women who do not use foul language.

Take yourself for an example; would you like if your date constantly abuses another person or uses foul language? Would you like if he bitches about his co-workers or his friends? No. Being independent and strong is one thing, and bitching about people is another.

Men do not like that in women, so avoid talking bad about people in front of him, and, especially do not use foul words.

7. Stay mischievous

Men like girls who are both shy and coy. If you are a little mischievous now and then, they will love it. You can play a few harmless pranks on them to show how coy you are.

Also, you can nudge him on the shoulder, tease him about his hair, and tell some jokes to make him feel special and important.

Men like women who are nice and cute, but without some mischievousness, it gets boring for them, so reveal your naughty side to them now and then.

Final Thoughts

Stay mischievous

For more useful tips and advice, you can check out my guide on how to make him to kiss you. It will increase your confidence and provide you with enough information to know the secret to a man’s heart.

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