How to Keep your Man from Cheating: 7 Successful Steps

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Cheating and infidelity are one of the most common problems that a lot of people engaged in romantic relationships are going through, or have gone through at some point.

Having said that, this is often perceived as such a huge problem, that sometimes, getting caught cheating would almost always spell the doom for any relationship, and it rarely ever happens that relationships go back the way they used to be if the couple actually decides to hold it together and cut ties with the person that either party is cheating with.

The common saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, pretty much applies to relationships as well. Having said that, here are some practical tips to help keep your man from cheating before you even catch them doing so.

#1 Don’t be too Predictable

One of the reasons as to why men cheat is simply because they can’t find the thrill in being with you anymore. This is one of the harsh truths a lot of women have to face.

This is because women have this tendency to give it their all in the first few months of dating, or revealing everything there is about them to the ones they’re dating, leaving very little room for any sort of mystery, intrigue, or “thrill”, which often leaves the guy wanting so much more.

To help counter this, make it a point to leave just a little sense of mystery, but make sure not to do it too much, lest you would come across as not being interested.

#2 Give Him Ample Space

Being too observant or being too demanding to your man won’t do you any favors, either. The reason for this is that doing so would often leave them craving for a bit of freedom, and one of the ways they do so is to look for another woman who doesn’t really mind them too much.

Give him the freedom to go out with his friends and have a drink or so every now and then, and make him feel that he is not just loved, but well-trusted by you as well.

#3 Don’t Make Him feel Responsible For You

Always be forgiving and calm whenever your man screws up, especially on common matters like forgetting appointments or monthsaries. Mistakes like these are reasons why women tend to blow up and play the “pity games” towards their man.

This often leaves the man feeling bad, despite the mess up being something that was totally unintentional. Instead of blowing up and throwing tantrums and making him feel bad about things, always make it a point to understand him and listen to his side, maintaining a calm and warm composure no matter what.

#4 Spoil Him Every Now and Then

Men like to be treated every now and then as well. Having said that, make it a point to spoil him from time to time. Little treats, like maybe a light massage, or cooking him his favorite dishes, and all that would most definitely help to give life to your relationship, and thus would help to keep him from cheating and looking for this affection from other women.

Don’t go overboard, however, as you would come across as desperate, and in the long run you might end up running out of ideas on what to give him if you give out too much at a time.

#5 Never Forget to Take Care of Yourself

One of the harsh realities when it comes to reasons as to why men cheat is the fact that some women often forget to take care of themselves, especially in the aspect of aesthetics.

Some women take good hygiene for granted, or maybe even just the simple act of putting on some light makeup after work just so that you could look fresh and clean-smelling after a long day’s work.

Men aren’t really attracted to haggard women and if you notice that you’re becoming one, begin taking good care of yourself in order to keep your man from cheating and eventually ruining your relationship.

#6 Never Cheat on Others as Well

The golden rule when it comes to treating people, “Do not do unto others what you do not want them to do unto you” very much applies to relationships as well. Don’t expect a man to stay loyal, and don’t even think about demanding them to be if you have cheated on him in one way or another.

It would be hypocritical for you to complain and do things to keep your man from cheating if you are doing it. Cheating simply loses the essence of loyalty and trust in any relationship, and regardless of whether or not the man or woman is doing it, cheating will have devastating effects on any relationship.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that cheating often has the tendency to be chronic, in a sense that once a couple breaks up due to cheating, chances are, he might do the same to you as well. Therefore, make sure to keep all of the advice previously mentioned in mind in dealing with your man.

#7 Learn to understand them and relate with him

If you’re looking for means to understand and relate with him, make it a point to try and understand men’s psychology.

Knowing what the subtle signs mean and not whining too much and being irrational whenever something odd or off comes up with regards to how he acts would help not to make any relationship go bad. It’s important to note that men, in general, are just not that expressive compared to women, and they have a different way of approaching people and situations as well.

To help you more on understanding men’s psychology, like “What’s He really Thinking?” by Bob Grant, P.L.C., which is touted to be a book that helps prevent miscommunication that could possibly lead to cheating. You could learn more about the book and its contents here

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