Relationship Advice For Women From Men

There comes a point in every woman’s life where they wonder if something is wrong with them. Whether she’s a teenager who can’t find a date for prom, a young adult who struggles with dating, or a more experienced lady who just hasn’t found the right man, they always think that it’s because they’re doing something wrong. Are you one of these women?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place. While it’s not always something that you’re doing wrong, there could be some things that you’re missing. This relationship advice for women from men might just save your love life.

Having Trouble Finding Love? Here’s Why

Relationship Advice for Women from Men

When you come to a point in life that you feel like you’ve been searching for love everywhere, you probably feel like giving up. You might wonder what the point is, you’ll never find the man you’re looking for, right?

Wrong. With this relationship advice for women from men, you’ll be able to adjust what you’re doing to help you in your romantic life and possibly snag the guy of your dreams.

Here’s something most women don’t know: guys hate making the first move just as much as you do. They like when a woman takes the initiative and approaches them first.

Men like to feel special and attractive, just like women do, so it has the same effect when you step up to the plate first. Men love when you flirt with them, too. They enjoy a good flirt with a woman just as much as a woman enjoys it.

Don’t come on too strong, though. You don’t want to push him away! You need to leave a little mystery behind to keep him wanting more. Men love when a woman doesn’t just lay everything on the table at once. Mystery is sexy, and men love sexy.

Keep any jealousy under control, too. A little jealousy is great, because it shows that you care, but you don’t want to be the crazy, over-the-top jealous girl that runs off any man who comes within a mile of you, right?

Still Trying To Snag The Man Of Your Dreams

Trying To Snag The Man Of Your Dreams

We’ve found that men love the ‘game’ just as much as you ladies do, so you’ll have to play a little cat and mouse with him. When he’s ready to take your relationship to the next level, you’ll know.

He’ll tell you, either in huge way or subtle ones, like dropping hints. He might flat out tell you he wants to take things further, but if he doesn’t, you’ll have to pay closer attention to him.

Does he drop hints? Make comments about the future? Say things like he wants to marry you one day? If he is, he’s ready to step it up.

If he’s not doing those things, then he’s either taking his time getting there, which is totally fine, or he might not be ready. When you’re dating, you have to remember that every relationship is going to go one of two ways.

It’ll either be happily ever after (mostly), or it’ll leave some broken hearts and ice cream binges. Either way, don’t sell yourself short, but don’t expect too much from your partner, either.

The Best Relationship Advice For Women From Men

Best Relationship Advice For Women From Men

The best piece of advice you’ll find is right here, and it’s going to blow your mind. Are you ready for this? The best thing you can do in a relationship is be yourself. Guys don’t like women who put on a front or act snobby.

It’s an immediate turn-off. Guys like a lady they can take out who orders more than just a salad. They want a woman they can take home to meet their family. They need a woman who is going to stand by their side, regardless of what is happening in life.

Be yourself and support your man. Do the same things for him that you want him to do for you. Guys love hearing compliments just as much as you do.  They enjoy back rubs after a long day and might even join you in the bubble bath. Put in just as much effort as you want in return.

Don’t judge him for anything you don’t want him to judge you for. Get to know him and let him get to know you. Work together, play together, and laugh together. Teamwork is what’s going to make your relationship work.

So there you have it, the best relationship advice for women from men. Be brave and go for it, but don’t immediately give away all your secrets. Leave some to the imagination, but be honest as well. Be a little jealous over ex-girlfriends, but don’t panic because he has a female friend or two.

Keep the relationship fun, but loving. Chase him just as much as he chases you, and listen to what he has to say. Do everything that you expect of him, and be sure to work just as hard at your relationship as he does.

Guys love a woman who gives him the same treatment and effort that he gives her. It’s easier than you might think. Just stick to your guns without coating them in anything that isn’t you and your personality. Personality trumps looks, and guys love a great smile on a genuine lady.

Why Being Yourself Is Important

Be Yourself

As I’ve just said, the best advice anyone can give anyone in terms of dating is: be yourself. Be your wild and crazy; or your introverted and quiet; or your mix of everything SELF. If you aren’t being yourself, for whatever reason, then you’re not in the right relationship.

Do you feel like you have to censor yourself? Do you feel like your partner or love interest does not like you for who you are? Are you holding back parts of yourself to make your partner comfortable? In this case, leave, put on your running shoes and head for the sunset – he is not right for you and you deserve better.

It is all very well chasing after “The One” – but if he is not The One then you’re better off not wasting your time.

If you are living your best life as your real, true, authentic self, then you stand a much better chance of finding someone you really connect with, and having a deep and meaningful relationship with – one that grows and develops both of you.

If you are not being yourself, then how can you expect him to fall in love with the real you?

Final Words

Men are just as equally complicated

As much as people like to think that women are the most complex thing on the face of the earth, they’re not. Men are just as equally complicated; they’re just better at hiding it.

They won’t tell you exactly what they’re thinking or what they want, much the same as how women expect men to be psychic and know what’s on their mind. None of us are mind readers, right? So why do women expect men to be?

Don’t be scared of him, and don’t scare him either. For more relationship advice for women, head over here and read more about it!

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