How To Keep Your Man In Love With You?

The billion-dollar question today is “how to keep your man in love with you?” If your boyfriend or date is just plain awesome and you are worried that he will leave you or break up with you, then you want to know how to keep him by your side. It seems a difficult job but it is not.

Here, in this article, I’ll give you a few tips on how to keep your man happy in a relationship.

How To Keep Your Man Happy In A Relationship

how to keep your man happy in a relationship

1. Stay happy

Your boyfriend or husband does not want you to look unhappy whenever you see them. Whether it is an early morning or a late night, always smile whenever to talk to them.

If you are not feeling fine, then talk to him, share your thoughts about what was good or bad about the day. Before being his girlfriend, be his friend and listen to him. This brings us to another important point.

2. Know when to give him space

Do not smother him with too much love or attention, as that can force him away from you as well. Men, just like women, like to have their space, so give them their time. Let them have a weekend with their friends and you take time off to enjoy a club, or alone time at home, or go visit your friends or parents.

The distance will actually bring you closer and make him appreciate your trust. Loving also means trusting, so do not doubt his words. Make plans with your friends and let him spend his time like he wants to.

Allow him to pursue his own interests and keep a content life outside of your relationship. You will be a happier couple if you understand that you each need your personal space now and then.

3. Talk

The worst time in a relationship comes when the couple stops talking about issues they are experiencing.

Relationships are not easy; you have your ups and downs, and you have to overcome them to continue your relationship with the guy you like. Rather than bottling up all the problems or issues you are facing, raise them with him and talk through them.

Sit with him and calmly talk about the problems you are having in the relationship. It is not only important but also necessary. Maybe there is screaming and shouting from both sides, but in the end, all things are out in the open, and you both know how you actually feel about each other.

Do not just make your point or defend yourself, hear him out as well. If you overcome all the obstacles, your relationship will be even stronger.

4. A kiss now and then will just strengthen your relationship

Start your day with him with the three magical words. Show your appreciation for him by making him a delicious breakfast whenever you can. If your man buys you flowers, massages your feet, or cooks you dinner to keep you happy, it is time you reciprocate.

Let him know that you love him and appreciate what he does for you. Make him feel like your hero and be very affectionate. Give him a hug or a kiss to tell him how much you love him.

5. Honesty is important

A relationship is not a one-way street; it goes two ways. If he is the only one trying to make you happy in the relationship, then it is time you put in some effort as well. If you don’t, then it will just push him away.

Be honest to him and tell him if you are hiding something from him. The fact that you are telling him the truth, instead of hiding it, will allow him to know that he can trust you even if what you are telling is not good news. Truth is very necessary in a relationship.

6. Be open to change

It’s a tricky thing, to try to work out how to keep someone. If someone doesn’t want to be kept then they will express it, either verbally or by their actions. It is a very hard thing to accept, but sometimes you can do all you can yet still the thing that you think you want the most can slip through your fingers.

The best advice about how to keep your man in love with you here is: be open to change. Do everything you can to keep your relationship going, of course. Talk, connect, be open, make the effort to do things together. Make time for a dedicated date night, where you both dress up and make the effort to woo each other – whether you go out or stay home.

But also be aware that things, people, and circumstances change. We need to allow each other the space to grow, and if this growth means moving on from the relationship, then this should be acceptable too – as hard as it is – especially if there are things such as cheating or lying to each other involved.

We all want The One, forever and ever, so if you think that you have found yours, then hang on to him as best as you can.

Final Words

how to keep your man in love with you

Your success actually depends on how happy you keep him without smothering him with too much love and kindness. You have to know that the key to a man’s heart is food, but a key to his soul is keeping him content and happy.

Take yourself as an example, and ask yourself why would you want to stay with a person? What can they do to make you stay with them? You will learn several things instantly. Now, a way to a woman’s heart and man’s heart are different, but they both want love and happiness.

For more tips on how to make him want you much more, read my guide here.

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