When A Guy Stops Calling: Reasons Behind This Quirk

You have finally found “The One”, and during the date, it appears that he genuinely likes you. You enjoy the attention that he showers on you and he laughs at your little jokes.

There is huge potential; then, for some odd reason, “The One” stops calling you and practically vanishes into thin air. Of course, this leaves you stumped and feeling inadequate. Mystified. What could have gone wrong? What does it mean when a guy stops calling?

What To Do When A Guy Stops Calling

when a guy stops calling

One of the most common reasons why he did not call you is because the guy all of a sudden has understood that you are way more invested in the relationship, and he is beginning to feel trapped or overwhelmed.

Maybe you are not providing him enough space, or his reaction might have come about due to something that you said about the relationship or what you want out of it at some point. The lack of calls may also mean that you may have, in some manner, pressured him into providing you more than he can handle.

1. Be calm and relaxed

Whenever a guy stops calling a woman, the woman, in turn, becomes panicky or worried. The woman may make guesses that the guy is no longer interested in the relationship, or is involved with another woman. This no time to fret or sulk.

There may be plenty of reasons why he cannot call you — one of them being engaged in work or other activities. Stay calm and get rid of these negative thoughts.

2. When a guy stops calling then calls again

When a guy stops calling then calls again, it can lead to a lot of confusion. It can also make you angry – how dare he stop communicating when you are already invested in the relationship? He must have found someone else, right?

Well no, not necessarily. Rein it in a bit. He could have lost his phone (as a serial phone breaker I am very aware of this being an issue!) He could have got caught up in some family emergency.

He could just be incredibly busy, desperate to find a minute to call you and explain. Before you get the pans out to start boiling bunnies, give it a few days. Relax, find something to take your mind off the situation, and resist the desire to text him constantly, or stalk his social media platforms.

After a few days, send a casual, friendly text asking if everything is ok. You may just find that this solves the problem. And if you continue to not hear anything, take this as your answer!

Unless he calls again, in which case you can hang up the phone, because unless he has a very good excuse, chances are he’s only after one thing.

3. Do not send him way too many text messages or call him a lot

At times, this might seem a bit mean, but there is an observation that guys do not call their ladies just to watch their reaction over this event. Many women in like situations undoubtedly lose their cool; thus, they start calling or sending their boyfriends frantic, clingy messages to call back as the opportunity arises.

This, in turn, makes the man feel that his girl needs his affection and attention all the time, and this can have a negative effect on the woman. The man might feel smothered and this may lead to him walking away from the relationship.

4. Do not wholly open up

If your guy knows that you are quite dependent on him, he might think this is advantageous on his part, then decide that it is fine if he does not call you back. He might even pay no attention to your calls. It is recommended that you do not fully open up your feelings to your guy. If the guy knows that you are always there, no matter what, he may not try to get in touch with you.

5. Pass the time and enjoy it

Waiting and worrying over those zero calls will only leave you agitated. Despite this, you have all the right to enjoy your own sweet time. Hang out with your friends for the night, and do not try to contact him. This will make your guy wonder as to what has transpired.

Ignoring him for a while will make him curious. If he calls, do not take his call right away. Make him wait the way he made you wait. Allow him to leave you messages, and as soon as both of you get the chance to talk, just disclose that you have been pretty busy.

Final Words

when a guy stops calling then calls again

The lack of calls means the man is not yet ready to fully commit himself to your needs. There are triggers that can induce this situation. If a woman gets needy, clingy or demanding, if she sleeps with him too early, and steers the relationship into a territory that he is not comfortable with, then chances are he might break away from the relationship.

These actions will no doubt damage the attraction that the guy has for you. His uneasiness will depend on your expectations of the commitment before he becomes resolute that he is, in fact, ready for such a relationship.

The guy might not often be intentionally mindful of exactly how he feels; he only knows that he feels uneasy around you at this point; thus, he stops contacting you to veer away from such feelings of discomfort. In turn, this also leads to hurt feelings on the side of the woman.

If he does not call you anymore, maybe you can try some of the actions described above. If they don’t work, here are some more tips and dating advice for women.

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