How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You?

Relationships are dynamic, so it can be difficult to predict a man’s intentions. Also, some men are better than others about saying what they want or what they’re feeling. Dating without a crystal ball is risky, so it’s important for a woman to understand her boyfriend. Otherwise, she may risk her sanity, or she may miss a great guy. So, do you know how to tell what a guy wants from you?

Reading a man’s mind can be a bit difficult, but it is not impossible, especially if you pay attention to his attitude and spoken and unspoken communication. There are some ways to make sense out of what a man says and does, to understand his real intentions.

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You

How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You

1. Feel his presence

Whether he is far away or in the same city, if he cares about you, he will continually try to stay in touch. With technology, if someone wants to stay near you virtually, it’s completely possible. If your boyfriend wants a supportive relationship with you, he will make time to show you that he cares and is involved in your life, and that you can reach him when needed. It’s a clear sign of his dedication to you.

2. Ask me anything

If you find that your boyfriend has become more inquisitive about you and it seems like he is keeping track of everything you do, don’t get suspicious that he is controlling. Maybe the relationship is moving to its next level and he is becoming more serious about you and your well-being. Think of it as dedication to your relationship. This is a clear sign of commitment.

So what is on the other side of the coin? If you find that he is not telling you anything about his life, and only tracking you, it could be an unhealthy relationship. He may just be wanting to control you.

3. You’re messing with his mind

Nervousness could mean that he is trying to impress you. If this is the case, you can rest assured, he has compromised his spontaneity. He subtly telling you that he really wants to keep you and that he is damn serious about you and this relationship.

He is ready to walk the extra mile to make you like him and want to be with him. His nervousness shows his dwindling state of mind, because he is constantly thinking about how to attract you.

Ultimately, his nervousness is a good sign. You can be sure that he is attracted to you and he  intends to keep dating you. However, if he starts trying too hard to impress you, especially with money and gifts, be careful and make sure he is a good person. His intentions may not be good and he might be compensating for other issues he has. In this case, stay alert until you know him better.

4. Looking good!

He was a stud when you met him, and you enjoyed his easy-going personality. But if he has recently become quite particular about his dress and the way he looks, don’t get too suspicious. It may not be that your boyfriend is after someone else. Hopefully, he wants to make himself worthy of your appreciation.

Maybe you could offer him suggestions or shop with him to help him out. Not only is this is a clear sign of his seriousness toward you and the relationship, you also get to help mold him into the man you want.

5. Please invade my personal space

Most guys like their personal space. Your boyfriend is no exception to the rule. You’ll be able to tell, because he needs space he may not call or text as often. When spending time together, try initiating the goodbye before he starts dropping hints. He will want to get together more often.

If he starts talking about himself more, he is probably interested in opening up. He’ll initiate more dates and ask you to stay longer. Don’t be offended when someone needs time alone though. Everyone is different.

6. Talk to me, baby

It is virtually impossible to read someone’s mind. You’ve probably tried it (I know I have!) You can do all the reading of the cues and checking the body language, and looking for invisible signs that you like – none of this is a substitute for good communication.

You know how good it feels when you’ve spent a good hour with a girlfriend, offloading and setting the world to rights? Now imagine how much better that will feel when you do it with the person that you love.

Although we have it in our heads that men don’t like to communicate their feelings, this is only because society has, for a number of years, tried to convince us that “men don’t cry”, or that they are just lumps of testosterone with no thoughts and feelings.

This is very far from the truth. Your man is a human being, just like you, and just like you he will enjoy the opportunity to get stuff off his chest once in a while. So talk to him. Find out what he wants; discuss what you want. It sounds very simple – and it is! Your relationship will be all the better for it.

Good communication clearly tells you that he is serious about you. When he is starting to see your relationship as long term, he might:

  • Introduce you to his friends and close family members
  • Start following you in social media
  • Text you or call throughout the day
  • Ask you about your life
  • Remember the things you tell him
  • Tell you about his plans for the day and ask about yours
  • Talk about you to his friends and family
  • Speak to you in terms of the future

7. The family plan

If your boyfriend is really sincere about you and your relationship, he will start getting close to your family because he wants to be connected to you. It shows his future plans include you.

If he doesn’t seem to care about your life and family, he is probably keeping his distance to make things easier when you break up. If he is trying his best to bring you into his personal circle, it means he trusts you and is ready to share his life with you.

8. Let’s get physical

Touching, although it’s a good one, is not the only way to be physical. Does he ignore you when you’re with a crowd, or does he watch you walk in and out of a room? When apart, does he catch your eye and smile? Even before your relationship has gotten intimate, he is showing you signs that he is into you when he stays close. He is telling others how he feels as well.

Why Read The Signs?

Understanding the signs of a positive relationship

Understanding the signs of a positive relationship is important. Do not take chances by just hoping and guessing. Use role models who are in relationships that you admire, for advice. Also, online resources like our website can help with reading his body language and behavior.

These are some of the best and easiest ways to know the secrets of how to tell what a guy wants from you.  Above all, trust your instincts and never give up your values. If what he wants from you isn’t something you are ready for or capable of giving, it’s best to find a new relationship.

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