What Does Taking It Slow Mean To A Guy?

Meeting a guy and liking him may be caused by multiple reasons. His appearance, confidence, the way he dresses, how he makes you laugh, how he listens and pays attention to you, the way he talks, his eyes, the way he laughs, his interests, etc. are just on the top of the list of why we can start liking a guy and want to hang around him more.

You may have met this guy that you like because of a friend, an online dating application, your school, and anywhere else possible. You may go and hang around with your common group of friends, go to movies, do various activities together, then start going on dates.

Once you start going on dates, you no longer need to have your friends around to see each other especially if you have reached some level of comfort in being alone with each other.

Then he drops the bomb. He says that he wants to take things slow. In reality, there are different times when he may tell you that he wants to take things slow — either in the beginning or after you have started going out.

Either way, this can become a bit confusing for women even if they are also not rushing things. Just what does a guy mean when he says he wants to take things slow? What does taking it slow mean to a guy?

In this article, we will discuss the different possibilities on what a man can mean when he tells you that he wants to take things slow and how will a guy take it if a woman tells him to take it slow.

What Is “Taking It Slow” In A Relationship?

what does taking it slow mean to a guy

Taking it slow does not necessarily men a code for “let’s not date”. In fact, sometimes it’s quite the opposite! A guy who wants to take your relationship slowly may be doing so because he is in it for more than just the physical side of things, and is interested in really getting to know you. You are far more than a body, aren’t you?

Your man could be saying that he really wants to take the time to get to know YOU, and preventing the relationship from falling into the trap of just being physical. It may be that he is a bit nervous; maybe he has very strong feelings for you and doesn’t want to rush in too quickly.

He could well be enjoying the exciting feelings that a new relationship often brings, and wants to spin out the romance for as long as possible, before you move in together and start watching Netflix together in your pajamas eating takeaway every weekend!

Taking it slow can be a really nice way to start a relationship. You have the chance to find out all about each other, before you rush into any big life decisions. Embrace it!

Women everywhere end up being confused whenever the guy they like tell that they would like to take things slow. While on the surface this can mean a good thing for you if you don’t like to rush things, this can still cause some confusion especially if this is accompanied by his confusing actions.

So what can taking things slow mean when a man says it?

1. Things went too “physical”

While not often, there are some men who may find that having sex before he wanted to can be something that he would want to review first. This is especially true if he was recently in a relationship (or who is separated) and things did not turn out good.

2. He’s not into you

Even if you have been hanging around for some time now, this does not mean that he wants to be in a relationship with you. Maybe he enjoys your company and likes to have fun with you, but he does not like you enough to be in a relationship with you.

Maybe he makes you feels special but it does not mean that he thinks of you as the special girl he will go in a relationship with.

3. He’s confused

Although not often the case, there are also some men who can get confused if he is ready to go into a relationship with you after hanging out for some time. Maybe he likes you for your personality or your looks but he still doesn’t know you that well to want to be with you.

So when things seem like you are in a relationship, some men can get confused and need some time to check his thoughts on the matter.

4. You are becoming too clingy

When women find the guy that they like, they often try to do everything that they can to form a great relationship and keep this man. Even if a woman is looking around for the right man, once she finds someone who stands out above the rest, she will have the tendency to prioritize him over the others.

While this can be a good thing for a woman who is in a relationship, the same cannot be concluded if they are still in the “dating” phase. Some men may find a woman who is doing everything for him, always available, and constantly waiting for him to contact her as becoming too clingy than he would like.

If he tells you that he wants to take things slow, this is a sign for you to back off a little bit and let him be. If he really wants you, he will pursue you and keep contacting you.

5. He just wants sex

Harsh as it may sound, there are men and women out there who would simply like to play around first before having a serious relationship. This is especially true if they feel that they haven’t found the one that they really like.

If you and the guy you like have been going out, having fun, and had sex, you may think that you are getting to the next level of your relationship.

But what if he tells you that he wants to take things slow after the sex? With this, you should think things through. This may mean that he thinks you would like to take things seriously and he is not ready for that because he still wants to be out in the open.

There are even guys out there who may simply want to go for the chase and after he gets the sex, he will move on to the next.

So What Should You Do?

So What Should You Do

There are thousands — maybe even millions — of times when women all over the world enter a relationship with a man too fast and end up becoming too emotionally attached before she knows it.

There are times when entering a relationship fast can be okay as long as you pace yourselves and not become too committed so early in the relationship. This leaves time for you to get to know each other better.

If you have been having some troubles with relationships and understanding men, maybe it’s time to carefully analyze your past relationships and how have you been with each one of them.

After all, finding the right man means that you have to take the right steps and decisions and not wait for him to tell you whether he should be kept or ditched!

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